Introduced in 1931 the pom-pom was the standard medium range AA gun of the Royal Navy. It was a 40mm gun but with a far shorter barrel than the Bofors 40mm gun. The name “pom-pom” came from the sound that the original models made when
firing. The initial mounts fitted by the Royal Navy was the eight-barreled model and most Royal Navy capital ships were fitted with three of these mounts.

Black Cat Models offers the quadruple pom-pom mounts in its line of 3D printed World War II Royal Navy anti-aircraft gun mounts. The blister pack includes parts to make two mounts. Each mount is made up of two parts, the mount base and gun
body. The gun body is very well detailed with the barrels having the conical muzzle flash suppressors and the appearance of individual rounds in the ammunition feed rails. The base has the gun sights and railings printed onto it. The railings and sights are
astonishingly thin and so well done that there is no need for photo-etch. The parts are easy to remove thanks to the thin attachment points. The 3D printing is smooth and refined and done in a gray resin that will accept either enamel or acrylic paints. A
single sheet of instructions is available for download from
Black Cat Models website.
The Black Cat Models octuple pom-poms are highly recommended and will certainly look great on your Royal Navy capital ship model. My thanks to Black Cat Models for the sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York