At the start of World War Two, the standard light anti-aircraft gun for the Royal Navy was the quadruple Vickers .50 caliber machine gun mount. Vickers started
production of this gun in 1926 and initially saw some use in tanks and other fighting vehicles as a single mount. It wasn’t until the early 1930s that the quad mount
began being fitted on British ships. The naval quad mount featured a 200-round magazine per barrel, which wrapped the ammunition belt around the magazine drum,
and provided a maximum rate of fire of 700 rounds per minute, per gun. The mount was heavy, large and not particularly effective as it was insufficiently powerful in
its intended short-range anti-aircraft role against modern all-metal aircraft. Eventually the .50 Vickers was replaced during World War II by the Oerlikon 20mm
cannon. Nonetheless, they were still produced in large numbers during the war with a total of 12,500 being built.

Black Cat Models has expanded its line of 3D printed ordnance to include common World War II Royal Navy anti-aircraft gun mounts. The Vickers quadruple .50
machine gun is offered in two versions, without a shield (AC350036a) and with a shield (AC350036b). Set AC350036a provides twelve mounts without shields that
are so well detailed and fine that it is quite astonishing. Each mount is complete with the gun barrels having flared muzzles, gunsights, handwheels and magazine
drums. Set AC350036b provides ten mounts with shields and they are just as excellent.  Either gun mount version is ready to use, just remove from the runner by
clipping the thin attachment points, paint and glue into position on your model. No fussing with photo-etch parts or drilling openings for turned brass barrels. The 3D
printing is smooth and refined and done in a gray resin that will accept either enamel or acrylic paints.
The Black Cat Models Vickers Quadruple .50 machine gun mounts are highly recommended whichever version you decide to use. These will certainly look good on
your Royal Navy or Commonwealth Navy ship model. My thanks to
Black Cat Models for the samples.
Felix Bustelo
New York