The Royal Navy QF 4-inch/40-calibre Mk. XIX gun fitted on a single Mk. XXII mount gun was used as the main gun on smaller ships such as the Bathurst and Castle class corvette, later war Modified Flower class corvettes, River class frigate and
some armed trawlers.

Black Cat Models has added a 3D printed set of these guns to its 1:350 scale Royal Navy weapons line. The set gives you parts to build a total of four detailed guns. Each gun is comprised of three individual parts: the base, the gun and the shield.
The base has the cradle, supports for the shield, handwheels and railings. The guns have nicely tapered barrels and gun sights. The open shields have the vision slots and individual ladder rungs on the sides. All of the parts come on runners with the
familiar thin attachment points for easy removal.

Felix Bustelo
New York
This set will be a nice upgrade for the Atlantic Models Castle class kit (I am using one for my build), the Starling Models River class kit and for either the Mirage plastic or Iron Shipwrights Flower class kits for a later war modification. My thanks to
Black Cat Models for the review sample.