The latest releases from Black Cat Models in 1:350 Scale include cable reels with tubular flages/end caps. The photograph above shows a cable reel of a different
pattern fitted on the
USS Alabama, in that the reel ends are solid with circular voids rather than tubular flanges but the Black Cat accessory is so spectacular it
deserves to have a color photograph of a real cable reel.
Black Cat Models AC350023b provides twelve cable reels with tubular end caps and cable reel/coil and the
detail has to be seen to be believed. With this
Black Cat product there is no need to fold a brass frame over a plastic rod representing the reel, as it is one piece and
has relief detail that cannot be duplicated with the old fashioned method.
Black Cat also has released cable reels with holes, similar but not the same as that found in
the photograph above. I have never seen cable reels in 1:350 scale better this superb product!
Steve Backer