The Barrage of the Bofors from Black Cat Models continues with the kid brother of the quadruple 40mm guns - the twin 40mm Mk. 1 anti-aircraft gun. Set
AC350005 provides enough 3D printed resin parts to build four 1:350 scale guns. The set also give you four Mk. 51 gun directors, which is a bonus in my opinion.

The parts to build each gun consist of the mount and twin guns. Like all of the
Black Cat Models accessories I have seen so far, the printing is first-rate. The
safety bars cast integral at the back of the mount are simply amazing at how thin and fine they are. You will not need to deal with bending photo-etch versions and
the printed parts are more 3D and are not flat like a brass photo-etch part would be. Details are crisp with elevation wheels, seats, ejection chutes and other fittings.
The gun parts have crisp gun sight bars and gun sights, with detailed feeding openings, breech blocks, recoil springs, flared muzzles and open muzzle bores. The
Mk. 51 directors are equally fine and detailed and they even have the handlebars. The parts come on casting runners but have very thin attachment points for easy
removal. A set of instructions with CAD images of the parts and an assembled mount are available for downloading from the
Black Cat Models website.
These twin 40mm Mk. 1 guns are another excellent accessory from Black Cat Models and will do wonders for your ship model. They are easy to assemble and
highly detailed. My thanks to
Ben Druel of Black Cat Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York