The searchlight has been an essential piece of equipment for warships of every navy since the end on the 19th Century. The Imperial Japanese Navy probably made
the best use of it at the start of World War Two in night action against the allies. The USN did not rely on the searchlight as much as the Japanese but they were still
Black Cat Models as come to the side of USN modelers to shine the light on USN searchlights. Black Cat has produced two sets of USN searchlights, the
24-inch and the 36-inch. This is the superb 36-inch USN searchlight in 1:350 scale. I don't see how Ben does such fine work in his resin castings. You get four of
these beautiful works of art in set
Black Cat Models set AC350022. Just look at  the fine detail shown in these photographs. The equipment boxes have the
individual cables from downward from them. The lens frame stands cleanly in the middle of the light. Each hand rung stands out from the searchlight. The detail
seems to go on and on. As with all
Black Cat Models' products, the Black Cat USN 36-inch searchlight is highly recommended.
With set AC350022 Black Cat Models provides the best detailed USN 36-inch searchlights that the modeler will find to super-detail their 1:350 scale USN warship
kits. Four of these beauties come in the set.
Black Cat continues to hit it out of the park.
Steve Backer