One could say, like actual human beings, 1:350 scale sailor figures used for modeling have undergone an evolution. Early on we had photo-etch versions, but they were flat and two-dimensional. With some CA glue and creativity, you could add some
depth, but they still lacked something. Along came plastic and resin figures which were three-dimensional but they were either a bit overscale or, with the resin versions, very fragile. Many of my resin figures have lost limbs and even their heads while
trying to work with them. Then, with the advent of 3D printing, new figures hit the market. While they offered more of a variety of poses and even some distinction among uniforms for different navies, the medium was very brittle and even more
extremities were lost.
Well, the latest iteration of 1:350 scale sailor figures may be what we have been waiting for and Black Cat Models has them available. Although they are 3D printed, they are printed using a gray resin material that is less brittle and smoother and easier
to work with.
Black Cat Models has four sets of US Navy figures offering a variety of poses.

Set number 1 (
AC350047a) provides a total 72 figures in standing poses ranging from attention, at ease, saluting and general standing around. The figures all have combat helmets.

Set number 2 (
AC350047b) provides a total of 60 figures but in a variety of action and work poses. Some figures are walking, carrying duffel bags, manning either the helm or a machine gun or climbing an inclined ladder. The figures in this set also
don combat helmets.
Set number 3 (AC350048a) and set number 4 (AC350048b) are essentially repeats of Set number 1 and set number 2, but the figures are wearing regular sailor caps.

The 3D printing is first rate and they are standing on very thin attachment points which makes removing them very easy. In addition, there is some space between the figures which also facilitates removal from the base. This is much better than the
figures offered by
North Star Models, which were brittle, packed very closely together and firmly attached to the wafer, which made removal very problematic.
Black Cat Models 3D printed US Navy sailor figures are most welcome and, in my opinion, a vast improvement compared to previous options. My thanks to Ben Druel at Black Cat Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York