On December 7, 1941 the light anti-aircraft gun mounted on the ships of the United States Navy was water cooled single .50 machine gun. With two years to observe
the trials of the Royal Navy under constant Luftwaffe attack and the evolution of AA guns with the RN, there was no excuse for the USN to still employ machine
guns for light gun protection. After Pearl Harbor the USN did as the RN had done and adopt the Oerlikon 20mm gun. The Oerlikon was an effective weapon in 1942
but by 1944, it had lost its punch. The USN had a two pronged dilemma. It needed heavier fire power and yet needed to minimize additional crewmen, as the increase
of crewmen to man additional AA guns were starting to create habitability problems. The answer was to replace the single barrel Oerlikon with twin barrel Oerlikon

If you are building almost any lake war USN ship in 1:350 scale, more than likely she will have twin 20mm mounts. Your kit may not have the twin Oerlikon, or if it
does, they may not be up to snuff. However, if you really want to have this ordnance pop, the
Black Cat Models twin Oerlikon Mk. 24 will certainly hit the target.
Designed and produced by
Ben Druel, son of the legendary Silver Knight of Normandie, Jacques Druel, Ben has just opened shop of his Black Cat Models. Ben
has chosen a more mild climate from stormy Normandie and set up shop in Nantes in the Pays de la Loire région. The quality of the
Black Cat Models' twin
Oerlikon is spectacular. There is no risk of messing up with assembling each mount from multiple pieces as each mount is a one-piece casting. Each mount is
attached to the casting slab by four pour tubes, so all you have to do is cut the pour tubes and then sand off the remnants. With this set (AC350003a) you get ten
outstanding twin Oerlikon mounts.
Black Cat Models Twin gun 20mm Oerlikon mount in 1:350 scale is a superb productive. Each mount is a one-piece resin casting of the highest quality and detail.
You don't have to worry about getting separate gun shields and sights on at the right positions and angles, as the one-piece casting has done this for you.
Steve Backer