USS Juneau CL(AA)-52, By Rod Dickson, Floating Drydock - If you have an interest in the USS Juneau CL-52 or any of the other three ships built with eight twin 5-inch/38 gun turrets, the U.S.S. Juneau CL(AA) 52 is an inexpensive volume for
the modeler. With a wide assortment of photograph, extensive text with excellent captions for the photos and coverage of the camouflage schemes and their USN paint designations, this volume is perfect for the modeler.
German Battleships 1909-1919, Warship Pictorial 48 by Steve Wiper, Classic Warships Publishing, Review by Steve Backer - I have nothing but praise for German Battleships 1909-1919, Warship Pictorial 48. It is a quality product all the way
through, printed on high quality glossy thick stock paper, it provides photographs previously not seen on the Kaiser’s battleships and provides very illuminating text about each of photograph. Don’t let this one get by you!
USS California, A Visual History of the Golden State Battleship BB-44 by David Doyle, Review by Steve Backer - If you are interested in building a model of USS California BB-44 at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the California at Surigao
Strait in Measure 32-16d dazzle camouflage,
California in 1945 in Measure 21 overall 5N camouflage, or just interested in the history of USS California, David Doyle’s USS California, A Visual History of the Golden State Battleship BB-44, is
an essential reference. Packed into one inexpensive volume is an outstandingly comprehensive collection of photographs of
California, complemented by line drawings and color plates.
A History of the Regia Marina's MAS Boats From 1915 to 1945 by T. Garth Connelly, Review by Felix Bustelo - T. Garth Connelly is no stranger to Steel Navy, and he has written several books on smaller combat boats. So, authoring a book on
the history of Regia Marina's
MAS Boats fits right into his area of specialty. This particular title is new but is a revised edition of previous publication.
German Battlecruisers 1910 - 1919, Warship Pictorial 47, Classic Warship Publishing, Review by Felix Bustelo - Warship Pictorial 47 - German Battlecruisers 1910-1919 is an excellent photographic reference on these Imperial German High Seas
Fleet ships. I would highly recommend it to any modeler who is planning to build any of the
Combrig Großer Kreuzer kit or the Hobby Boss 1:350 scale Seydlitz kit.
USS Missouri BB-63 America's Last Battleship by David Doyle, Review by Felix Bustelo - The USS Missouri BB-63, America's Last Battleship is a well-bound, hardcover book and is printed on high quality paper. It is a great resource for
modelers. It makes for an excellent third volume in the “Legend of Warfare – Naval” series and a worthwhile addition to your library of naval books.
Britannia’s Bulwarks, The Achievements of Our Seamen, The Honours of Our Ships, Review by Steve Backer - Published in 1901, Britannia's Bulwarks is a visual feast. It is not the text by an unnamed writer, it is not the black and white
drawings by
C. J. Staniland, it is the 48 full color, full page plates by Charles Dixon that makes this volume a treasure.
USS Iowa (BB-61) – The Story of “The Big Stick” from 1940 to the Present, by David Doyle, Review by Felix Bustelo - The "USS Iowa (BB-61) – The Story of “The Big Stick” from 1940 to the Present" is a well-bound, hardcover book is printed
on high quality paper and is a great resource for modelers. It makes for an excellent second volume in the “Legend of Warfare – Naval” series and a worthwhile addition to your library of naval books.
Yorktown (CV-5) – From Design and Construction to the Battles of Coral Sea and Midway, by David Doyle, Review by Felix Bustelo - The well-bound, hardcover Yorktown (CV-5) – From Design and Construction to the Battles of Coral Sea
and Midway
is printed on high quality paper and is a great resource for modelers. It makes for an excellent companion to other visual references on Yorktown and at about $18.00 US, it is a bargain considering what you are getting. Felix Busteo
highly recommend this book
Batailles Aériennes Les Hors-Série #2, Les Kamikaze - Although written in French, Batailles Aériennes Les Hors-Série #2, Les Kamikaze, Le Sacrifice Ultime De L'Aviation Japonaise, provides outstanding, high quality color plates, photographs
many of which are in color, maps, charts, and matrices of Kamikaze Operations from the Invasion of the Philippines to the end of the war in the Pacific. Just the graphic content alone provides significant information for the modeler and history buff.
USS Arizona Dec. 7, 1941 Rivetcounter 1 by Burl Burlingame, Review by Steve Backer - This 64 page monograph by Burl Burlingame covers in great detail the fittings and appearance of the USS Arizona on the morning of December 7, 1941. It
will be invaluable for any modeler building a kit of the
Square Bridge Fletcher, Warship Pictorial Volume 45, Review by Steve Backer - The Square Bridge Fletcher, Warship Pictorial 45 by Rick E. Davis is a must have for modelers of the Fletcher Class destroyers. A huge amount of information, as
well as multitudes of informative photographs enrich this volume from
Classic Warship Publishing.
USS Yorktown CV-5, Classic Warships Pictorial Volume 44, Review by Felix Bustelo - Whether you are building the Merit 1:350 scale, the Tamiya or Tom’s Modelworks 1:700 or the venerable Revell 1:480 scale kit, Warship Pictorial 44 – USS
Yorktown CV-5
will be a valuable resource to your project. There is a wealth of visual references compiled into one handy and, at about $18.00, an inexpensive volume.
USS California- A Visual History of the Golden State Battleship BB-44 By David Doyle, Review by Felix Bustelo - USS California- A Visual History of the Golden State Battleship BB-44 is a must have if you are planning to build a model of
this ship, be it one of the 1:350 scale resin kits from
Iron Shipwrights or one of the 1:700 scale Trumpeter offerings. With so many photos in one place, there is really no better visual reference.
Very Special Ships, The History of the Abdiel Class Fast Minelayers By Arthur Nicholson, Review by Felix Bustelo - Very Special Ships is an apt title for a history of the valuable ships. This would be a fine addition to your naval history and
reference library.
Arthur Nicholson is not a stranger to the Steel Navy message board and I tip my hat to him for writing this book.
Sino-Japanese Naval War 1894-1995 by Piotr Olender, Review by Felix Bustelo - This Sino-Japanese War is rather obscure and overshadowed by the Russo-Japanese War.  However it is an important event in the history of the Pacific and the
first step in Japan’s military and geographic expansion in the region that culminated in World War II. This book is recommended to anyone who is interested in the subject matter.
Les Porte-Avions Clemenceau et Foch, Navires & Historie Hors-Serie No. 22, Review by Felix Bustelo - The CAD images and photos are a dream come true for modelers who have one of the venerable 1/400 scale Heller kits of these carriers
and wish to super-detail them. I know I have one buried in my stash so it may make its way to the workbench now that I have this great reference.
USS Clark, Oliver H. Perry Frigate, Lanasta Warship 04, Review by Felix Bustelo - Lanasta’s Warship series makes an excellent ship modeler’s reference and Volume 4 is no exception and it is recommended. Warship 04 will certainly help you
build a model of a short-hulled
Perry Class frigate. Felix Bustelo knows that it will help him build and detail the Academy kit.
HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck, Lanasta Warship 03, Review by Felix Bustelo - Overall HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck by Rindert van Zinderen Bakker is a very good book, introducing Felix Bustelo to a ship that he did not know much at all
about. Lanasta’s Warship series makes an excellent ship modeler’s reference and it is recommended. Now that Felix has become familiar with the L-frigate, hopefully someone will produce a model kit of this class of ship.
Richelieu, Naval Monographies 1, Review by Felix Busteo - LELA Presse of France is the publisher of the French language Navires & Historie and Avions series of magazines as well as numerous books on naval and aviation topics. Their newest
magazine-style quarterly series is called
Naval Monographies 3D and the subject of the debut issue is very apropos – the French battleship Richelieu.
Eaglewall's Table Top Navy, By Donald Hood - All and more that you ever wanted to know about the iconic line of Eagle model ships is provided in Eaglewall’s Table Top Navy by Donald Hood. The volume is a pure delight.
Ship Models from Kits, By David Griffith - How do you begin a book review? When it comes to Ship Models from Kits by David Griffith, I think we can look at the question. "I wondered what you guys thought about this book." and the
subsequent answers to that question.
US Battleships 1941-1963, An Illustrated Technical Reference, By Wayne Scarpaci - US Battleships 1941-1963 An Illustrated Technical Reference by Wayne Scarpaci provides a lot of information and an amazing amount of graphics in 134
pages. For me the color artwork alone makes it a valuable addition to my library.
USS North Carolina Technical Reference 1, By Randall S. Shoker - USS North Carolina, Technical Reference 1 2nd Edition by Randall S. Shoker, is an outstanding reference for the ship, which provides the exact type of coverage essential
to the modeler. All Showboaters should have this volume in their library.
The Camouflage of Ships at Sea, T.S.D. 1502/43 May 1943 - White Ensign Models has just published an interesting booklet on Royal Navy camouflage. It is a reproduction of "The Camouflage of Ships at Sea", originally published by the Royal
Navy Camouflage Section in 1943.
WEM reproduced the original but in a larger format.
North Carolina Class Battleships, Classic Warship Pictorial 29 - Classic Warship Pictorial 29, North Carolina Class Battleships, presents an excellent source of photographs of both ships of the class. Beautiful color plates and line drawings
further enrich the volume. This volume provides an inexpensive source for any modeler wishing to add further detail to any model of
North Carolina or Washington.  
Modelarstwo Okretowe, Polish Ship Model Magazine Nr 1 -  Modelarstwo Okretowe is a fairly new Polish magazine devoted to ship models. The coverage includes commercially available models, historical pieces, extensive CAD diagrams of
ordnance, modeling tip articles and of course ship model reviews. Each issue includes a bonus insert. Usually this is a set of plans but at least one special issue came with a bonus card model of a destroyer. That leads to another significant feature of
this magazine. There is an approximate even division between reviews of card models and reviews of resin and plastic models.
Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers, Warship Pictorial #24, By Kurt Greiner - If you are building a model of an Arleigh Burke destroyer or wish to add a superb reference on the class to your library, then Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers published
Classic Warship Publishing and written by Kurt Greiner is a must.
Colorado Class Battleships, Famous Warships Monographs 2, By Jaroslaw Palasek - If you like the design of the Colorado class, and very few modelers don’t love this clipper bowed design, then the Colorado Class Battleships, Famous
Warships Monographs 2
is an almost essential reference in your library. In one source you will have an English language volume that has the design history, modifications and operational history of each ship in the class.
USS Massachusetts, Technical Reference 2, by Randall S. Shoker - Many of you may be familiar with the first technical reference written by Randall S. Shoker on the USS North Carolina. Oxford Museum Press has just published the second
technical reference by Mr. Shoker. This one is on the
USS Massachusetts of the South Dakota Class. Through text, photographs, drawings and maps, this title takes you through the operational history of the ship and looks at the systems,
superstructure and fittings of the
Massachusetts. An added bonus comes in the form of a full 1:350 scale plan and profile.
Union River Ironclad 1861-65 by Angus Konstam, Osprey New Vanguard 56 - The USS Monitor and her successors grabbed the headlines for the Union during the American Civil War but they were dilettantes compared to the true northern
naval war winners, the Union riverine ironclads of the Mississippi.
Union River Ironclad 1861-65 written by Angus Konstam and illustrated by Tony Bryan has been published by Osprey as volume 56 in their New Vanguard series. In this volume is
found gorgeous color plates commissioned specifically for the title plus period photographs, engravings and lithographs. Coverage is of all of Union river ironclads from the famous
Eads City Class to a series of bizarre grotesqueries of the oddest
Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy, by Diana Preston - On May 7, 1915 the German U-Boat U-20 sank the RMS Lusitania off of the southern coast of Ireland. This was a pivotal event in World War One because it definitely moved the United States to a
pro-allied position. The event also caused the German government to stop its unrestricted submarine warfare campaign against Great Britain. When the campaign was resumed, the United States entered the war.
David LaPell reviews the 532 page
Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy written by Diana Preston.
Leipzig, German Light Cruiser 1939, Profile Morskie #58 - The Leipzig was the third light cruiser design of the German Navy between the World Wars. Although the design was better than the preceding K Class, it still suffered hull weakness
that would plague it in its career. Active at the start of World War Two, her operational career was almost totally curtailed after receiving two torpedoes in December 1939, which destroyed her forward engine rooms.
Profile Morskie #58  is on the
light cruiser
Leipzig. With text in English and Polish, with plenty of photographs and with 14 pages of detailed line drawings, the title has almost everything the modeler will need to know on this cruiser. The title also comes with three separate
three-page inserts. One is a full color plate of
Leipzig in 1:400 scale and the other two features four plates of  profile, plans and detail in 1:400 and 1:200 scale of Leipzig in December 1939. Review by Steve Backer.
Scharnhorst Class Battleships, Warships of the World #13 - The Polish publishing company of Okrety Wojenne has published a volume on the Scharnhorst Class in their Warships of the World (Okrety Swiata) series. It is number 13 in the series
and its Polish title is Niemieckie pancerniki typu "SCHARNHORST", German Battleship Type
Scharnhorst. Written by Przemyslaw Federowicz, the title features a wealth of information for the modeler on Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Review by
Steve Backer.
Oyodo, Japanese Light Cruiser 1943, Profile Morskie #60 - The latest title in the extensive line of warship monographs from Profile Morskie is on the Japanese light cruiser Oyodo. Displacing 11,433 tons full load, this large cruiser was lightly
armed with only six 6.1-inch guns. However she was not designed for surface action. She was designed to be the flagship of a submarine squadron. The aft half of the ship had a hangar and facilities for operating six floatplanes. These floatplanes
were to serve as reconnaissance for the submarines. Targets would be found by the floatplanes and the submarines would be vectored to intercept. However, the theory did not pan out in operations. Review by Steve Backer.
Ise Class Imperial Japanese Battleships, Gakken Pacific War Series #26 - Gakken publishes an extensive line of books aimed at modelers on the warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War Two. Each volume features extensive
drawings, photographs and charts. However, the major feature is the inclusion of a great number of photographs of a very large scale model of the subject. Text is Japanese.  
Tom Kristiansen looks at one of these volumes, Ise Class Battleships,
volume 26 in the series.
CARRIER AIR WAR IN ORIGINAL COLOR by Lawson & Tillman - This book published by Motorbooks International was printed in 1996. With Carrier Air War in Original Color the author's provide many color photographs of the USN
carriers at different points in the war. No question about it, there are Blue Carriers. Carrier Air War in Original Color is reviewed by
Dave Miller.
Sea Bag of Memories: Images, Poems, Thoughts & Crafts of the Small Ship Sailors of World War II - Join the Donald Duck Navy. The small vessels of the USN in World War Two were called the Donald Duck Navy, a term for which those
small vessel sailors took pride.
William J. Veigele wrote this book that captures the life and thoughts of the enlisted men of the Patrol Craft (PC), Submarine Chasers (SC), Fleet Minesweepers (AM), Yard Minesweepers (YMS), Motor Gunboats
(PGM) and USCG cutters of the Donald Duck Navy. Reviewed by Steve Backer.
The Russian Battleships: Sevastopol Class - Started in 1909 the four battleships of the Sevastopol Class were to be the first step of Imperial Russia in making good the losses of the Russo-Japanese War. Built for the Baltic Fleet, the class as a
whole fought in both world wars. This volume is the first of a series entitled Famous Warships Monographs written in English from the Polish Publisher, Okrety Wojenne. The volume is 88 pages in length and comes with three back printed 1:400
scale plans and profiles, showing six designs in the evolution of the class. Reviewed by Steve Backer.
Navires & Histoire Magazine, June 2002, Issue #12, reviewed by Steve Backer. The centerpiece article is on the operations of the French nuclear carrier Charles De Gaulle in the Indian Ocean in "Operation  Heracles". Among other articles on
WW2 topics is the first installment on the German battlecruiser  
Navires & Histoire Magazine, February 2003, Issue #16, reviewed by Steve Backer. The centerpiece article is on the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, von Spee's armored cruisers from World War One. As usual topics cover a wide range of naval
Brytyjskie Krazowniki Liniowe Typu "REPULSE" (British Battle Cruiser Type Repulse) - Written by Maciej S. Sobanski, this is the 12th volume in the Okrety Swiata/Warships of the World series. The title has photographs, color plates
and two back-printed Plans and Profiles.
Japonskie Krazowniki Ciezkie Typu "MYOKO" (Japanese Heavy Cruiser Type Myoko) - This title from Polish publisher, Wydawca, is written by Grzegorz Bukata. Although written in Polish, the title has photos, drawings, color plates and
five separate 1:400 scale Plans & Profiles.
Classic Warships Book #17: IJN Myoko Class CAs John Sheridan reviews one of the latest books from Classic Warships Publishing
Classic Warships Book #21: KM Prinz Eugen  Heavy Cruiser John Sheridan reviews one of the latest books from Classic Warships Publishing
WR Press Flush Deck Destroyers of WWII John Sheridan reviews one of the latest books from WR Press
WR Press Essex Class Aircraft Carriers of WWII John Sheridan reviews one of the latest books from WR Press
Modelist-Korabel - This 16 page journal is published quarterly in Tver, Russia. Each issue provides various scale plans for different subjects. Issues #7, #10, and #15 are examined.  
Les Torpilleurs d'Escadre du Type Le Hardi, 1938-1943 - This volume written by Charles Salou and printed by Lela Press covers the design and history of Le Hardi class French destroyers, the most modern class of destroyers coming into
service with the Marine Nationale at the start of World War Two.
Warship, 2001-2002, Conway Maritime Press, This issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of this classic publication. Edited by Antony Preston. Reviewed by Steve Backer.
Classic Warship Book #16 USS New Jersey
Classic Warship Book #15 KM Schnellbootes
Gli Incrociatori Italiani, Gene Katz reviews this volume on the Cruisers of the Regia Marina during World War Two.
Warship, 2000-2001, Conway Maritime Press, This is the 24th annual issue of this classic publication. Edited by Anthony Preston. Reviewed by Steve Backer.
Navi E Marinai Italiani nella Grande Guerra, Italian Ships and Navy during the Great War. Written by Erminio Bagnasco & Achille Rastelli. Reviewed by Steve Backer.
Navires & Histoire Magazine, February 2002, Issue #10, reviewed by Steve Backer. The focus, as with Issue #9, continues on the naval forces involved in Operation Enduring Freedom. Many other articles are found on such diverse topics as the
Yamatos, the Battle of Santiago and the birth of the Soviet Navy.
Navires & Histoire Magazine, December 2001, Issue #9, reviewed by Steve Backer. The centerpiece article is on the naval forces involved in Operation Enduring Freedom.
Navi E Marinai Italiani nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale  Italian Ships and Navy in World War Two Written by Elio Ando & Erminio Bagnasco. Reviewed by Steve Backer.
Review of Les Cuirasses Dunkerque-Strasbourg, Richelieu, & Jean Bart by Steve Backer
Review of USS Enterprise CD ROM Photodisk by Rusty White
Warship Perspectives Royal Navy Camouflage Volume III 1943 by John Sheridan
Classic Warships Book #12 USN Benson / Gleaves Class DDs by John Sheridan
Classic Warships Book #14 USS Wichita CA-45  by John Sheridan
BARCOS RC, Spanish RC Modeling Magazine, by Steve Backer
NAVIRES & HISTOIRE #5 Le Magazine d’Histoire Maritime by Steve Backer
Classic Warships Book #11 USN Lexington Class CVs by John Sheridan
Classic Warships Book #13 IJN Kongo Class BBs by John Sheridan
Warship Perspectives Royal Navy Camouflage Volume I 1939-1941 by John Sheridan
Warship Perspectives Royal Navy Camouflage Volume II 1942 by John Sheridan
Morskaya Kollektsia Series from Russia
USS North Carolina: Technical Reference #1 by Randall Shoker
Flower Class Corvettes in World War Two by John Lambert
Warship Pictorial #4: USS Texas BB-35    from Classic Warships Publishing
PC Patrol Craft of World War II by Wm. J. Veigele
Battleship Bismarck: Technical Issues
Warship Perspectives #1:, Fletcher Gearing and Sumner Class Destroyers of World War II
Regia Marina: Italian Battleships of World War Two
Warships of the Imperial Russian Navy
Warship Pictorial #2: USS Minneapolis  (Classic Warships)
Monograph Morskie #5: IJN BBs Nagato and Mutsu
Destroyer Escorts in Action (Squadron/Signal)  
Fletcher Class Destroyer Plans Book (Floating Drydock)
Escort Carriers in Action (Squadron/Signal)
US Navy Camouflage of the World War II Era: Part 1
US Navy Camouflage 2: Fleet Carriers
Collins/Janes Warships of World War II
History of British Cruisers
Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy: 1939-1945
Profile Morskie #4: HMS Repulse
Monografie Morskie #6: HMS Hood
The Royal Navy in Focus in World War II
Miniature Merchant Ships -A Guide to Waterline Ship Modelling in 1/1200 Scale