This is my model of HMS Canopus, which I completed a couple of months ago. I built it in the Victorian black paint scheme, which I will try to avoid
in the future. I had trouble seeing black parts even with bright lighting. I made countless errors but was able to fix a few. As you know,
Canopus had a
very active career in the early days of WWI, being involved in the pursuit of von Spee's Asiatic squadron and the Gallipoli campaign but was pretty
much done by 1916 when the war still had two years to run.  The Admiralty decided that her manpower could be put to better uses than to man her old
guns. I was surprised by her appearance. Sometimes models look different when built up than when I imagine them when inspecting plans. Compared
with some of the other British predreadnought  classes, her superstructure and bridgework were a bit low and the ventilators are a bit more prominent..
Greg Shoda