Here are some photographs of my last work, the scratch-built model in 1/500 scale of the Italian aircraft carrier "CAVOUR". I am the President of the "Maritime
Association “Aldebaran
”-Trieste-Italy. The Maritime Association “Aldebaran” is a non-profit private entity, founded in 1951, to divulge and promote maritime
culture, its studies and maritime documentation and every related activity, with a particular attention to our territory. It promotes and organizes events on its own and
collaborates with similar initiatives (conferences, film presentations, competitions, exhibitions, publications, newspapers) locally, nationally and internationally.

The Association owns a rich patrimony comprising: An archive of technical-historical documents recognized as a patrimony of “public utility” by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Public Records Authority.A specialized library of more than 5000 books and periodicals in Italian, English, German and French. An extensive collection of maritime
technical drawings. An ample photographic archive.A collection of more than 600 ship models and dioramas, made by the association’s members.
P.O.B. 2133 TS - 11
tel. 040-303405
Dario Tedeschi
Trieste, Italia