Soon after purchasing a brass photo-etch set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Cornwall, I decided to get a wooden deck for the kit, if I could find one. John Snyder had announced the availability of the White Ensign Models brass photo-etch set for the
model on the message board, but I had not heard of any wooden deck for the kit. I simple Google search revealed that decks were available for the Cornwall from China. I ordered a set and slightly over two weeks later it arrived. This set is from a
Chinese company of which I had never heard, Chuan Yu.
At around $16US, the Chuan Yu Cornwall deck for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Cornwall is inexpensive. I am impressed with the quality. Having reviewed many ArtWox wooden decks and a Blue Ridge deck, which I suspect was manufactured
by ArtWox, so far I would have to give the edge to the Chuan Yu decks. With the ArtWox decks you had to punch out numerous cut-outs through which deck equipment fitted or the punch out the holes for attachment a separate parts to the deck. This
would always leave remnants of the clear adhesive layer in the punched out holes, squares or rectangles. With the Chuan Yu decks the holes and squares are already open. There is nothing to punch out and the decks fit easily over the plastic decks of the
kit. You will notice some wood burrs that will need to be removed from the sides of the decks but this is certainly far simpler than cleaning out the remnants in the punched cut-outs. The back of the Chuan Yu decks are covered with yellow paper,
which is peeled off to expose the adhesive layer underneath. Like all wooden decks, it will add extra thickness to the deck, which will conceal the base portion of any plastic deck fitting molded as part of the deck. That is the trade off any time you use a
wooden deck. Once the yellow paper is removed, the height of the wooden decks will be reduced by a small degree. In the photographs below, the decks were merely fitted on top of the plastic without removal of the back paper and without cleaning the
wooden burrs left from removal of the decks from the protective frame. I do like the fit, cleanliness and ease of using the Chuan Yu decks. Also included is black anchor chain. The decks really look like winners. However, until I attach the decks to the
plastic and smooth it to make sure that the wood is flush with the plastic, I won't know the final answer. Since the product number of the Chuan Yu
Cornwall deck is CY350058, the company presumably has 57 other wooden decks for 1:350 scale
warship models, not to mention 1:700 scale, which I also noticed for sale.
If you already have the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit of HMS Cornwall, you will want to consider decking the plastic with the wooden decks in the Chuan Yu wooden deck set for the Trumpeter kit. The decks provided are very nice and further, there is
no need to punch cutouts and clean the resultant openings because all of these are already open in this product.
Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama