I decided to make a diorama incorporating two elements of the British anti-U Boat and convoy escort efforts in World War II. I wanted to show the HMS Shearwater steaming out on patrol
passing a moored Short Sunderland about to be boarded by her crew.

HMS Shearwater is the White Ensign Model’s  (WEM) HMS Kittiwake kit which is essentially out of the box with only a couple of minor exceptions. I used leftover photo-etch
splinter mats from a
WEM Fairmile D kit to make the 4” gun shields. I saw a photo of one of the ships in this class which had splinter mats over the gun shield. I added an extra Carley float
from the spares box on top of depth charge rails and resin pedestals to fit the photo-etch 20mm guns on.
The Short Sunderland is from L’Arsenal’s growing range of 1/350 scale aircraft and it is a little kit in itself. I saw a photo of a Sunderland crew approaching their aircraft in a launch, which
I attempted to recreate here. The launch is again a spare from an
Iron Shipwright kit. Both models are painted in appropriate WEM Colourcoats from their naval and aircraft lines and the
figures are from
L’Arsenal. All rigging for both the Shearwater and Sunderland is .004 inch steel wire dipped in Blacken It and the flag is from the Gold Medal Models flag decal set.

Felix Bustelo
Enforcer & King of Battery Park