This build is part of a group build of about 5 people, who are building the Canopus. It started about a year ago, but it seems that I am the only one to have finished so far. The build represents Canopus, as
she appeared at the Dardanelles operation in 1915, when forces consisting of pre-dreadnoughts bombarded the forts before the Gallipolli landings. I used a dedicated photo-etch set made by
Bruno Gire
and brass barrels for the 12 and 6 inch guns. I scratch-built the masts, mine-catching net booms, and the open type vents that were on the ship at that time. The unique camouflage scheme was replicated by
decals made by
Starfighters just for this kit. Floquil and Testors paints were used and stretched sprue used for the rigging. All in all an unusual subject matter and an enjoyable build.
Bob Cicconi
Long Lost but Now Found