Torsten Sobanski built the waterline version of the Combrig 1:700 scale SS Great Eastern and placed it in a wonderful diorama, passing a light house with an excursion boat on the starboard side. Launched in 1858, the iron hulled Great Eastern was a
dream come true of designer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. She was designed to carry 4,000 passengers from Great Britain to Australia without refueling her coal fired boilers. She held world records for almost half a century. At 692-feet (211m) in length,
Great Eastern was the largest ship in the world until 1899. With a displacement of 18,195-tons, she was the heaviest ship in the world until 1901. Her passenger capacity was not surpassed until the eve of World War One when the German liner Imperator
was completed in 1913. Called the Great Babe, the
Great Eastern was used on the Great Britain to North America route. She really never was that successful as a passenger liner because of her huge operating expenses but came into her own in 1866,
when she laid the first Atlantic cable. The
Combrig SS Great Eastern  model is available in waterline and full  hull versions.