Combrig, without a doubt, has the largest catalog of Imperial Russian Navy kits. This is certainly true for their 1:700 scale models but their 1:350 scale offerings are
become more extensive. So it would a logical move on
Combrig’s part to produce an Imperial Russian Navy Flags & Pennants decal set in both scales to use with
their kits. Naturally each sheet has the common St. Andrews flag, which is the Imperial Navy’s ensign, and the Naval Jack in different sizes. However, there is a wide
variety of other flags and pennants that were flown on ships under certain circumstances. Each sheet is beautifully done with crisp renderings and sharp colors. Each
flag is a separate decal with the minimal amount of clear backing film around each flag. Each sheet also has Roman numeral draft markings, which is a nice addition.
The flags are identified with a number which correspond to the paper insert which has a table in Cyrillic and English that names each flag. I will be honest in that I did
not know that there was such a variety of flags and I wouldn’t know which was used when, so some research on my part will be needed to determine what would be
appropriate to unfurl on one of my models. The 1:700 scale decal set has two additional scale sizes of the St. George (Guards) flag, but otherwise the two sets are just
about identical.
Such an extensive decal set of Imperial Russian Navy flags and pennants is a welcome offering from Combrig and can be used on any of their kits as well as kits
from other manufacturers. No ship is complete without a flag flying from a halyard or staff and using the set for your preferred scale, your Imperial Russian Navy
model will be complete. My thanks to
Combrig for providing the review samples.
Felix Bustelo