Combrig Models recently released a set of four different “Small Vladivostok Destroyers”. In actually they are different classes torpedo boats that were built for the
Imperial Russian Navy in the late 1880s and 1890s.  The Russian built boats were constructed in shipyards located in St. Petersburg or in Russian occupied Finland and
the others in the French Normand shipyard.  All boats were shipped to Vladivostok in sections.

What you get in the set are waterline hulls of the following classes:
Reval, Yanchihe, Ussuri and Pernov/208.  The hulls are all on a resin casting sheet and will need to
be removed using a sharp Exacto knife.  They hulls have good detail for this small scale but if you carefully look at the hulls you will see that the masters were 3-D
printed as you can see the swirls and ridges that is indicative of this method.  This is not as apparent in the
Yanchihe class hull as in the others.  So carefully and at
times difficult sanding of these areas will be needed to remove these.
Pernov/208 Class - Pernov was built at the French Normand yards and launched in 1892.  It had two funnels and had one fixed torpedo tube in the bow and a pair of
trainable tubes, with one between the funnels and one aft.  Numbers 208 through 211 were essentially Russian built repeats but with three masts as opposed to two.  
All boats survived the Russo-Japanese War except for
Number 208, which was sunk by a mine on July 17, 1904.

Ussuri Class - Ussuri  and Sungari (later Numbers 203 and 204 respectively) were built at the Crichton Abo yards in Finland and launched in 1889. They had twin
tandem funnels and fitted with two trainable torpedo tubes.
Ussuri (204) was scuttled by her crew June 30, 1904 after running aground.   
Reval Class - Reval  and Sveaborg (later Numbers 205 and 206 respectively) were built at the French Normand yards and launched in 1886. They had a single
off-centered funnel and fitted with two fixed torpedo tubes at the bow. Both boats survived the Russo-Japanese War.   

Yanchihe Class - Yanchihe and Suchena (later Numbers 201 and 202 respectively) were built at the Nevski yards and launched in 1887. They had a single funnel
and fitted with two fixed torpedo tubes at the bow.
Yanchihe (201) was wrecked on August 21, 1904.

A set of small parts common to all classes is included which is comprised of torpedo tubes, 1-pounder revolvers, searchlights and binnacles.  There is no photo-etch
included so you will have to use another sources for any railings and ladders you will need. The assembly instructions come on a single double-sided sheet of paper
with the first page having images of the resin parts and the flip side images of the four boats and where the parts go.  There is not very much to these boats so the
diagrams are simple.  No templates are provided for the masts, so you will have to seek other references to complete the models.
This is a basic bare-bones offering from Combrig but you do get four models in one box.  Out of the box you will have simple representations of the torpedo boats
but you can detail them as much as your skill and desire will lead you.
Felix Bustelo