This gun was developed and produced in France, designed by Gustave Canet in the early 1890s. By using fixed ammunition a very fast rate of fire (10 rpm) could be achieved. This impressed a Russian
delegation for which this gun was demonstrated in 1891 that they immediately purchased a license to produce the gun in Russia. Production began in 1892 at the Obukhov factory built 219 of these guns
through 1901. This gun was fitted on most Russian battleships and cruisers built during this time frame. On the battleships the 6in guns were fitted in turrets and on cruisers they were deck guns fitted
with and without shields. During the Russo-Japanese war several of these guns suffered burst barrels. This h resulted in redesign to strengthen the barrels and between 1909 and 1916 an additional 304
improved guns were built. These were actively used in both World War I and the Russian Civil war as both ship and land based guns.

The Russian company Complect Zip has followed their excellent
Borodino Class turret set with a bagged set of 12 resin Canet 6in guns. You would be hard pressed to find a better example of this gun.
The detail is absolutely impressive from the breech down to the mount. The castings are very clean, requiring removing them from the casting plug and cleaning of some film. The gun barrels are resin and
are equally impressive with an open muzzle.  The gun mounts are designed to give modelers the option of using either resin barrels or, if they prefer, turned brass versions, which is a plus.
This set does not have any photo-etch parts but some hand wheels to detail these guns would have been welcome as each mount had a pair fitted. These can be found from other sources though.
There are no assembly instructions provided with this set but they are not required as putting them together is rather straight forward. The image of the assembled gun on the label provides extra help
if you need it.

This set will replace the plastic 6” guns found on the Zvezda
Varyag kit and they are even improvements to the guns in the Combrig Askold kit. There may be additional applications if more Imperial
Russian cruiser kits are produced.  The entire line of Complect Zip ship products will be available at
Free Time/Pacific Front Hobbies. For other retailers around the world I would suggest
contacting Complect Zip directly at for that information. My thanks to Eduard Zhuravlev for providing this review sample.