Here are photographs, from start to finish, of the construction process of a 1/192 scale scratch-built model of HMS Curacoa, as she appeared in October of 1942, when she was rammed and
sunk by the
RMS Queen Mary. It is entirely scratch-built, that is from drawing the plan to the finished product. The plan was generated by scouring numerous photographs then drawing it out to
scale in Microsoft paint. There is plenty of information about the vessel in her World War I configuration, but getting accurate details for her as an anti-aircraft cruiser was a substantial undertaking.

The model is constructed of sheet styrene, brass rod, and bamboo slivers. The vertical coloration is Montbatten Pink and light gray, matched to color chips. The horizontal coloration is teak, and
dark gray. Although, I've been a model builder, of just about everything, for many years, scratch-bulding warships is my true love. It is the only way to get to the subjects that strike my fancy,
because it is unlikely that a manufacturer would ever risk producing such models. I just don't see someone like Tamiya doing the
Ray Crean