After an interruption for almost 10 years (dedicated to Scale Model Trains Gauge 1/87 at, this is the
first model ship I’ve built since my last contribution to this Forum back in 2003, as you can see in SteelNavy “Destroyers, Frigate and Corvettes”
Gallery. The
HMS Daring D32 Type 45 Destroyer from Royal Navy, is a 1/700 scale plastic model produced by Cyber Hobby (Ref. 7093). It includes
a small photo-etch fret and a set of decals sheet so complete, it allows the modeler to build not only the
Daring (D32) but also the following two ships in
the class, the
Dauntless (D33) and Diamond (D34). It’s a very straightforward build and a very impressive model in terms of the dimensions. It’s
probably the largest modern frigate or destroyer that I’ve ever built! As all the models I've built, there is always an opportunity to improve the original kit.

I used
White Ensign Models 1/700 Westland Merlin Helicopter (Ref. AS 7107), CIWS from JAG Collective and Harpoon launchers from the spare box.
Generic photo-etch hand rails were also used to complete this model. I must emphasise the following: the original kit only includes a Lynx Helicopter
WEM Colourcoats were used to paint this model. For the hull and other “vertical” surfaces I used the M01 - Royal Navy Light Gray, and for the decks
and horizontal areas, I used the M02 - Royal Navy Dark Deck Gray. Regarding the Merlin helicopter I used the Humbrol 165 Medium Sea Grey with
decals produced by Mike Grant. In order to display this model, I choose a wooden plate, but I’m looking forward to learn how to produce the water
effects which provide a more dynamic and impressive presentation of my model ships at this scale.
Ayala Botto
Lisbon, Portugal