David Kopielski is an extremely talented modeler, as you can see from his 1:350 scale USS Carl Vinson model that appeared in the August 20, 2019 update to Steel Navy. His Carl Vinson took Best Aircraft Carrier in 1:350 Scale at the 2019 US
IPMS National Convention, which is quite a feat. David has also used his talents to create the 1:350 scale
USS New York LPD-21 Hangar Bay Decal Set to help modelers detail either their Gallery Models or Bronco kit of this ship.

The decals come of an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of decal paper. The sheet provides the logos, a variety of signage and safety stripes needed to detail the aircraft hangar and well deck bays. They are printed on an inkjet printer and sealed with Testors decal
bonder sealer, so they are ready to use. However, each decal must be trimmed before using.
The set provides the original and current murals painted on the exterior of the hangar door. It also has the artwork that appears on the back wall of the hangar bay and the USS New York logo that appears inside the hangar door. You also get the
draft markings for just inside the well deck ramp, the warning writing for the main and lower ramps and many different safety signs that are used throughout the aircraft hangar and well deck bays. You get extra decals, like the hangar door murals,
even though you only need one. The safety stripes need to be trimmed to the correct length. If you build the model with the hangar door closed to use the mural, the interior hangar decals would not be used as they will not be seen.

The decals are beautifully printed in full color. There is not a placement guide provided, so the modeler will have to do some searches for photos of the interiors of the hangar bay and well deck to help with the locations of the safety signs. This is
the only downside to this set, but something that can be overcome with some effort.
This is a very well-done decal set and it will provide the modeler with plenty of opportunities to detail their model depending on if they choose to build it with the hangar door open or shut or the well deck ramp up or down. David Kopielski told me
that is working on decal sets for the other ships in the class. This decal set, and others that may be of interest to modelers, are available for sale directly from the
David’s Scale Models website. While you are there, check out his build logs. My
thanks to
David Kopielski for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York