Here are a few of my JANE’S (1:1536/ 1”=128’) scale scratch builds.  I started doing this in 1959. Over the decades I have built everything from a Sov. PA-6 MTB, which is my smallest model, up to giant USN CVNs. The models are mostly balsa wood.
HOOD model dates from 1960, with a “refresh” in 1969.  Both BISMARCK and SCHARNHORST suffered from storage, hence the bent masts. The RICHILIEU dates from @ 1960 while the JEAN BART was built @ 5 years ago.  I built the KIEV
in 1976, then didn’t resume building until 2013. In 2013 using the
KIEV as my “pattern” I built the Indian VIKRAMADITYA. Currently I have 592 models.

Over the past 7-8 years I’ve also added chicomm PLAN units including their first carrier, the
LIAONING. Of course, German, RN, French, Italian plus units from small navies have been built as well. I hope you find my “odd” scale models interesting.
When I started in 1959, I had just discovered JFS and Jane’s provided a instant “library” of scale drawings to trace and build from. I had no idea about the “normal” small scales and by  the time I found out I had 50+ units built.......sooooooo....onwards I

Dennis Otto