Here are photos of my first scratch-build, HMS Devastation circa 1880.  It's 1/700 scale, and I built a hull from laminated styrene sheets and a superstructure from a soft wood-like material to make masters. I
then made molds and cast the parts in resin, as well as the chart house. I modified a funnel from another kit and made castings for the funnels. I scratch-built the mast and boat handling boom, and rear platform, and
made molds of the fighting top and turrets using parts from other kits I had. photo-etch railings, ladders, and chains and pieces scrounged from other kits made up the balance of the details, and I used caenis line
and stretched spure for the rigging. I chose a ship with little detail or complexity and flat sides, as I wanted to keep it simple for my first venture into scratch-building. It was fun, but I think I prefer building
conventional kits!
Bob Cicconi