Diorama Gallery
Scapa Flow Diorama in 1:700 Scale by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas depicts a portion of Scapa Flow in this 1:700 scale diorama. Featured are the aircraft
HMS Hermes, and battleships, HMS Royal Oak and HMS Valiant.
Nagato and Hiei, Neptun Model 1:1250 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas demonstrates again how he can super-detail 1:1250 scale models. This
diorama by Kostas features the battleships
Nagato and Hiei produced by Neptun Model.
Lech A-56, Modern German Submarine Tender, NNT 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Reiner Vögel - Here is a diorama built by Reiner Vögel showing the LECH, A-56,
together with U13 and U14, made from the
NNT 1:700 scale kits.
USS Maryland 1945, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas used the Trumpeter 1:700 scale kit of the USS Maryland in her 1945 fit
for this wonderful diorama.
USS Franklin on March 19, 1945, Diorama by Jonathan Scott in 1:700 Scale - Absolutely superb, this diorama by Jonathan Scott depicts in 1:700 scale, the USS
CV-13 on March 19, 1945 after receiving severe bomb damage off of Honshu. The Big Ben lost 800 men as a result of the strike and was the most heavily
damaged carrier to survive. The
USS Santa Fe CL-60 closed to provide assistance to the stricken carrier. Jonathan did an incredible job with this diorama, using a
Trumpeter kit for the
Big Ben and a Midships Models kit for the Santa Fe.
USS Nimitz CVN-68, Trident Model 1:1250 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas built this diorama around the USS Nimitz CVN-68, produced by
Trident Model in 1:1250 Scale.
U-Boat Bunker in 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas built a beautiful diorama of a heavily fortified U-Boat bunker in 1:700 scale. The U-Boat
pen, built under a cliff is heavily guarded by coastal artillery, anti-aircraft emplacements and radar.
USS Birmingham CL-62 & USS Fletcher DD-445, Iron Shipwright & Tamiya 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas used the Iron
USS Birmingham CL-62 and Tamiya USS Fletcher DD-445, both in 1:350 scale, for this diorama. After taking these photographs Kostas added the
propeller guards and additional detail to the main mast of
USS Gato and USS Nautilus Diorama, 1:350 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - This diorama is in 1:350 scale and built by Kostas Katseas. It features the USS Gato
from AFV Club and the
USS Nautilus from Nautilus Models.
UDT Boat Diorama, Revell 1:35 Scale, Diorama by Luis M. Silva - This 1/35 scale diorama is based on some UDT training photos and training videos Luis Silva
saw about Navy Frogmen (precursor to the SEALs) in the 1950s. The UDT Boast is made by Revell and it has been produced several times since 1967, I believe. The
boat is straight out of the box but there has been several enhancement Luis made for it to look like the actual landing craft used by the UDTs during WWII, Korea and
during the rest of the 1950s and early part of the 1960s.
USS Abraham Lincoln & the Tankers, 1:1250 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Here is another diorama from Kostas Katseas. No warship in the world is larger
than a
Nimitz Class aircraft carrier. However, there are larger commercial ships, such as supertankers. Here USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 is passing three tankers
moored at an oil terminal. The scale is 1:1250 but Kostas didn't list the manufacturers of the models.
Sara and the Hitchhikers - This diorama by Kostas Katseas in 1:700 scale features the USS Saratoga (Tamiya) escorted by a Gearing Class destroyer (Pitroad).
The Sara is giving a lift to the Army and USAAF. You'll notice that the Sara is graciously sharing her flight deck with P-47s and Army vehicles.
USN Destroyers, Neptun 1:1250 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - This diorama by Kostas Katseas three different destroyers in 1:1250 scale from the German
firm of Neptun. If you look closely, you'll see all of the extra detail, such as propeller guards, which were added by Kostas on these small models.
H Class Battleship, NNT 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - This diorama in 1:700 scale by Kostas Katseas features the H Class German Battleship design
NNT. Harbor mates are a Trumpeter destroyer and Samek R-Boat.
Fuso, Fujimi 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - This is Kostas Katsea's diorama centered around the 1/700 scale Fuso kit from Fujimi with extras from
Fine Molds, such as the figures.
HMS Warspite Leaving Harbor, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - A diorama that Kostas Katseas always wanted to have a try at was the HMS
leaving a port in Med (Kostas admits that he had Malta's Grand Harbour in mind) overlooked by the medieval castle. The Warspite and Liberty Ship are from
Trumpeter with the lighthouse from
Orange Hobby.
Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman, Naval Models 1:400 Scale, Diorama by Dirk Derks - Recently Dirk Derks completed a diorama with the Royal Netherlands Navy carrier
Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman. The model kit in 1:400 scale is from the Dutch nautical firm Naval Models.
Floating Drydock With Iowa Class Battleship Diorama 1:1250 Scale by Kostas Katseas - Here is a small floating drydock diorama in 1/1250 scale. Kostas Katseas
didn't push as much as he originally planned on details, namely the addition of railings and rigging on ships due to lack of time and other more pressing commitments.
USS Kitty Hawk CV-63, Under the Suez Canal Bridge, Argos 1:1250 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - This is the 1/1250 scale Argos' USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
under the Suez canal bridge. This is
Kostas Katseas' first scratch-built bridge in any scale. As there are not many details available on the net about it as you can
imagine, it is based on just basic measurements. Kostas thinks it looks in scale.
SMS Konig, ICM 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Louis Carabott - Louis Carabott of Malta used the ICM 1:350 scale plastic kit of SMS Konig, World War One German
battleship 1914, as the basis for this diorama. The collier, tug, fishing boats and backdrop are all scratch-built.
USS Independence CVL-22 at Tarawa, Dragon 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - This is the Dragon 1/350 scale USS Independence CVL-22 portrayed at
Kostas Katseas added L'Arsenal and North Star Models figures. The tractors and trolleys are 3D printed. The White Ensign Models photo-etch set was
Replenishment Underway, Diorama in 1:1250 Scale by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas worked up this drama with 1:1250 scale warships. He did not list the
manufacturers other than state that they are metal, except for the plastic
USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 in the Suez Canal, GNQ 1:2400 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - This diorama shows the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 going through
the Suez Canal and also a model of the Great pyramid that I made also in 1/2400 scale just to compare sizes. The carrier is from the GHQ in 1/2400 scale and detailed
with some small tractors, figures etc.
Hiei, Fujimi 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Here is an eclectic diorama in 1:700 scale from Kostas Katseas. The centerpiece is the battleship Hiei from
the Fujimi kit but it doesn't end with the
Hiei. There is also a floatplane carrying submarine, an Emily flying boat, sanpan, barges and boats and for samurai fans, a
pagoda castle.
HMCS Arrowhead, Flower Class Corvette, Mirage 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Chris Flodberg - This was a very tedious conversion from Mirage's dreadful 1/350 scale
HMS Anchusa Flower Class Corvette to the rather different HMCS Arrowhead.  I used White Ensign Model's photo-etch and had to rebuild or re-arrange just about
everything. I also used some scrap photo-etch,
NorthStar and Eduard details. All landscape elements are scratch-built including the seagulls.
Graf Spee, Academy 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Chris Flodberg - Chris Flodberg took the Academy 1:350 scale kit of the Graf Spee, added some Eduard photo-etch
and scratch-built everything else to produce this impressive diorama.
Heian Maru, Submarine Tender, Hasegawa 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Chris Flodberg - Chris Flodberg used the Heian Maru model in 1:350 scale by Hasegawa to
build this spectacular diorama.  Chris used Hasegawa photo-etch and a lot of scrap photo-etch from his stash.  It was modified to allow the skylights to be open, as
well as a number of other small changes.
Yukikaze, Tamiya 1:350 Scale, Built by Chris Flodberg - This is the Tamiya 1/350 scale Yukikaze with Tom's Modelworks photo-etch. The men are taking pause
to admire the natural beauty of the cliffs.  
Pagoda Palace Parade, Fuso, Fujimi 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Pagoda Palace Parade as Kostas Katseas builds a delightful diorama with the Fuso
by Fujimi in 1:350 scale at anchor below a classic Japanese feudal pagoda castle.
USS Buchanan, Rescuing Crewmen August 9, 1942, Dragon 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Sven Schönyan - Sven Schönyan used the Dragon 1:350 scale model of the
USS Buchanan to depict her rescuing crewmen on August 9, 1942 following the Battle of Savo Island off Guadalcanal.  
RN Pola at Taranto, Hobby Boss 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Louis Carabott - This a diorama by Louis Carabott of the Regia Marina Italiana “Pola” in 1941. He
wanted to portray this vessel sailing  out of Taranto with the famous Castello Aragonese which dates back to 1707, as a backdrop. The model is the 1:350 scale
version from Hobby Boss.
Bay Class LSD, Atlantic Models 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Nikos Kommatas - Nikos Kommatas built the Royal Navy Bay Class LSD as the
centerpiece of this diorama. Nikos used a 1:700 scale kit from
Atlantic Models.
USS Texas 1914, Samek 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas performs his usual miracle with this diorama of the USS Texas
going through the Panama Canal in 1914. The
Texas is from Samek in 1:700 scale.
Coastal Patrol, White Ensign Models & L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Felix Bustelo - Felix Bustelo decided to make a diorama incorporating two elements of
the British anti-U Boat and convoy escort efforts in World War II. Felix wanted to show the
HMS Shearwater steaming out on patrol passing a moored Short
Sunderland about to be boarded by her crew.
USS Maryland, December 7, 1941, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Jeff Sharp - Jeff Sharp built the Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale USS Maryland into a
diorama to depict the battleship on the afternoon of December 7, 1941, anchored next to the capsized
USS Oklahoma.
Scharnhorst Saluting U-47 1939, Diorama by Kostas Katseas in 1:700 Scale - This is Scharnhorst in 1939 built in 1/700 scale with the Tamiya kit and with the
set by Kostas Katseas. She is shown giving honors to the returning U-47, after the sinking of Royal Oak at Scapa flow.
U-558, AFV Club 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas built this small vignette by using the AFV Club 1:350 scale U-558.
Gneisenau in Norway 1944, Redesigned and Rebuilt with 15-Inch Gun Turrets, HP-Models 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Christoph Mentzel - H-P Models has
produced a 1:700 scale model of
Gneisenau as she would have appeared if her rebuild with 15-Inch guns and a longer bow would have been completed. Cristoph
built the kit as part of a diorama of Gneisenau in Norway in 1944.
Dunkerque at Mers-El-Kebir 1940, Samek 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Christoph Mentzel - Christoph Mentzel built a harbour diorama of Mers-El-Kebir, which he
had seen a nice picture of at that time. To the Samek kit he have added several photo-etch parts from
L'Arsenal like the new catapult, parts for the Loire seaplane and
the Valeur-Honneur-Discipline-Patrie logos from the French Navy.  
Richelieu, September 1943, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Louis Carabott - Louis Carabott wanted to portray the Richelieu from Trumpeter in 1:350 scale
in a diorama in the New York Navy Yard  before leaving for Europe to join the home fleet at Scapa Flow after an extensive refit and trials in the East Coast. The
battleship was painted in a Soft Edge MS-3X Camouflage utilizing USN Colours.  
USS Nevada, December 7, 1941, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Jeff Sharp - Jeff Sharp built the 1:350 scale USS Nevada from Iron Shipwright to
depict the battleship just before the air attack on the morning of December 7, 1941. She is shown in the traditional dark gray (5D) and light gray (5L) paint scheme
with turret crowns painted to designate the ship within the division.
Nevada is also sporting the false bow wave, which made her unique among the battleships that
Variag at Macao, Zvezda 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Andrea Oneto - Andrea Oneto set the Imperial Russian protected cruiser Variag  in once Portuguese colony of
Macao China during the cruiser’s courtesy visit. It is Sunday and on board near the bow the ship’s Chaplain (Pope) is getting ready one religious ceremony. Off to the
side the Portuguese harbor patrol boat is intercepting Chinese smugglers.  
Enduring Freedom 2001, Dragon & Panda 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Glavan Srdjan - Here is a diorama by Glavan Srdjan in 1/350 scale constructed with Panda
Dragon models in 1:350 scale. All photo-etch sets are from White Ensign Models together with additional helicopters.  
Scharnhorst at Anchor, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - This is a diorama by Kostas Katseas with the Tamiya 1/700 scale Scharnhorst and with a
Hobby boss U-Boat. This commission of the
Scharnhorst kit was stress free  as the Tamiya kit even though its old, is still sharp and captures the lines of this elegant
ship quite nicely.  
Yukikaze & Ukuru, Hasegawa & Pit Road 1:350 Scale, Diorama by Jean Barby - These are models of the Yukikaze by Hasegawa in 1/350 scale and the Ukuru is
in the same scale from Pit Road. The diorama is built by
Jean Barby.
Giuseppe Miraglia, Italian Seaplane Tender, Delphis 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Guillaume Monnier -This is the Italian seaplane tender Giuseppe Miraglia. Built
1921 as a cargo ship, she was transformed to a seaplane tender during the 1925-1927 period.
Guillaume Monnier built this diorama with the Delphis 1:700 scale kit.  
USS North Carolina 1942, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Jim Kloek - These photographs are of Jim Kloek's build of the Regia Marina 1/700 scale resin
kit of the
USS North Carolina.  This is an excellent kit which provides parts and instructions for building the ship in any of its configurations from as launched to
John W. Brown, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Marco Magrini - Marco Magrini built this diorama around the Trumpeter 1:700 scale John W. Brown. Other
parts came from Sky Wave, Loose Cannon, an White Ensign Models. Photo-Etch was from Lion Roar, Eduard and White Ensign Models and paint was Gunze.   
Aoba, Sunk at Kure 1945, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Bob Cicconi - Here are some shots of  the Aoba sunk in the shallow waters of Kure Harbor late July,
Bob Cicconi did put the AA guns on as they weren't taken off until shortly after the final attack that sank her. Bob used the Hasegawa re-tooled Aoba.  
Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in the Denmark Straits, Trumpeter Bismarck & Tamiya Prinz Eugen 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Katseas Kostas - This is a diorama in
1:700 scale by
Katseas Kostas portraying the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in their engagement with HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales. Katseas used the
Bismarck and Tamiya Prinz Eugen kits.  
Oslyabya, Ice Locked in the Baltic, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Peter Fulgoney - No need to leave the warmth of your home to see to towering tumblehomed
hull of the Imperial Russian battleship,
Oslyabya. Peter Fulgoney has already done that for you with this diorama of the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of Oslabya in which
the high freeboard of the battleship rises from the frozen Baltic like an iceberg. Shot at select locations in the United Kingdom in a frozen January 2010.  
Tirpitz, Tamiya 1:350 Scale Diorama by Glavan Srdjan - The model is an out-of-the-box Tamiya Tirpitz in 1/350 scale with many added photo-etched sets from
Gold Medal Models, White Ensign Models, L'Arsenal and Tom's Modelworks. Glavan Srdjan built the model and created the photographic diorama.  
Vysby, Swedish Stealth Corvette, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Nicolas Dupont - This is a diorama with the Swedish stealth corvette Vysby from L'Arsenal in
1/700 scale, built by
Nicolas Dupont. The model is slightly improved  by means of stretched plastic, instead of the parts in the photo-etch fret.
USS Antietam CV-36, Angled Deck Fit, Dragon 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Paul S. Teixeira - This is a diorama from Paul S. Teixeira of the USS Antietam CV-36,
shortly after it was fitted with the US Navy's 1st Angled-Deck, using the
Dragon 1:700 scale kit of Antietam.
Jean Bart at Toulon, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Scott Sim - This is the French battleship Jean Bart alongside at Toulon Naval base sometime in the
mid-1950s. The inspiration came to
Scott Sim from a color photo of the ship in mothballs there.
USS Alchiba, En Route for Guadacanal 1942, 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - These are photos of Bob Cicconi's latest build, a diorama of the attack transport
Alchiba being escorted to the  Guadalcanal landings by the Ralph Talbot (DD-390) on August 7, 1942. I used the Battlefleet 1/700 scale premium edition Alchiba
kit, and the
Midshipmodels 1/700 scale USS Henley to make the Ralph Talbot.
Tone at Rabaul, Minekaze 1:350 Scale, Built by Jean Barby - Jean Barby's model of the 1:350 scale Minekaze Tone has appeared before on this page Minekaze
Tone. However, as mentioned there, his next step was to place the model in a diorama with the help of Pierre Marchal. Well here is the diorama.
Surigao Sisters, Fuso and Yamashiro at Surigao Strait, Aoshima 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Jose Soca - The idea of finishing the two sisters together came to Jose
's mind a while back, although at the time Aoshima’s new kits were probably going through R&D and even though Jose had the Hi-Mold Fuso, which needed a
lot of work. He didn’t want to spend another extra $100 on the other Hi-Mold sister kit. When the time of the new Aoshima kits came he bought
Yamashiro and went
full throttle to finish my idea of a diorama.
USS Saratoga Passing Through the Panama Canal, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Katseas Kostas - This is the Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Saratoga, passing
through the Panama Canal built by
Katseas Kostas.  
Montcalm, French Light Cruiser 1952 in Along Bay, H-P Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Nicolas Dupont - This is the Light Cruiser Montcalm in 1952 in Along Bay,
built by
Nicolas Dupont. It was a model in 1:700 scale from H-P Model, accessorized with L'Arsenal parts.  
U-Boat Pens, 1:700 Scale, Built by Fernando Costa - Fernando Costa set this U-Boat Pens diorama in 1:700 scale using kits from various manufacturers such as,
Tamiya, Hasegawa, Tom's, Skywave and White Ensign Models.  
U-552 on 6th War Patrol, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Glavan Srdjan - These are a few pictures of the U boot model U 552 on the 6th active patrol in the North
Atlantic under command of Capt. Erich Topp. The  model is made by Revell of Germany in 1/72 scale and built by
Glavan Srdjan.
Rescue Pronto! RAF Rescue Launch, Airfix 1:72 Scale, Diorama by Guilherme David dos Santos - Guilherme David dos Santos from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil built
this 1/72 scale diorama centered around the RAF Rescue Launch from Airfix.
USS Constitution Maintop, Meteor Productions 1:35 Scale, Mastered by Joel Labow - The Old Salt Joel Labow has been busy mastering the parts and men for a
new diorama in 1:35 scale for the maintop of Old Ironsides, the frigate
USS Constitution from Meteor Productions.
Hood's Final Moments, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, By Michael Griggs - This shows the battleship in it's last moments May 24, 1941. She is flying the signal 'turn by blue
pendant' which was made as she and
Prince of Wales began their turn to port to engage all their main armament.  
Vittorio Veneto in Taranto 1941, Diorama in 1:350 Scale by Alessandro Luciani and Dario Agostinelli - This diorama is the port of Taranto 1941 with the
Vittorio Veneto across the channel after repairs. It is in 1:350 scale and features the Delphis Vittorio Veneto.   The diorama was made by:  Ship Maurizio
 : Diorama Alessandro Luciani and Dario Agostinelli with  photographs by  Dario Agostinelli.
The Hunters, Diorama in 1:700 Scale by Dino Carancini - Hunters is the title that Dino Carancini chose for his diorama, the scene is fictional of course, but  it is
reasonable, and represents the end of the "hunt". The
Type VII U-Boat turns from the hunter to become the hunted, and the Flower corvette crew is trying to help the
submarine crew. The corvette is the
White Ensign Models 1:700 scale Bluebell and the U-Boat is the 1:700 scale Hasegawa kit.
A Warm Morning in New London, Diorama in 1:178 Scale by Ken Hart - A Warm Morning at the Sub Base in New London... Three Fleet Boats sit moored to a
finger pier...That was the scene
Ken Hart had in mind for this diorama. Three of those good ol' Revell GROWLER / FLASHER / LIONFISH kits in 1:178 scale were
put to use, with each one of them detailed to represent a different class variation.
Close Encounter or Chase in the Atlantic - Chase in the Atlantic or Close Encounter, either way a Soviet Oscar II cruises on the surface, closely followed by HMS
, a Type 42 Batch III destroyer. This diorama in 1:700 scale is by Fred Poon. The Oscar II is the Kursk, a Tamiya kit and the Manchester is from S-Mars.
USS Coronado LPD-11, JAG 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Robert McGhee - Here are photos of a diorama Robert McGhee built for his Brother in Law for Christmas.
He served on the
USS Coronado in the 70's and invited his sister (my wife) and I to visit in Norfolk. The kit is from JAG in 1:700 scale.  
Landing at Colleville, 1:72 Scale - Diorama by Guy DeLillio - This diorama in 1:72 - 1:76 scale by Guy DeLillio portrays the landings at Colleville.
Canadians at Juno Beach - LCT IV 1:72 Scale - Diorama by Kerry Jang - Kerry Jang showed this diorama at the recent Vancouver IPMS show and it won three
awards: Best Diorama; Best Naval; Best Royal Canadian Navy Subject. He built it as a father & son activity. His son was doing his own diorama on Canadian history -
Dieppe. Kerry built mine along side his, and chose Juno Beach.
Call Sign Monster! PACV Scratch-Built in 1:35 Scale by David Forier - For your review is a Scratch-built PACV in 1/35th scale, built by David Forier. He calls it –
Call Sign "Monster".
K.uK. at Sea, SMS Sankt Georg & SMS Aspern, WSW 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Rob Kernaghan - Here are KuK cruisers at sea, built by Rob Kernaghan, as
photographed by
Peter Fulgoney. The smaller ship is SMS Aspern, which is a conversion of WSW's Zenta kit. and the larger is SMS Sankt Georg, also WSW. Both
are in 1/700 scale. The diorama is 16" by 6" and is based on the Austro-Hungarian Navy's visit to New York in 1907.
Taking It Green! HMS Africa in Heavy Seas, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Peter Fulgoney - This diorama is loaded with drama and mood. Peter Fulgoney
took the
Combrig 1:700 scale kit of HMS King Edward VII and built it as HMS Africa. However, it is the superlative "Heavy Seas" in which the model is placed,
which sets it apart from the ordinary.
HMS Diana 1794, British 38-Gun Frigate, Quarterdeck Diorama, Meteor Productions 1:35 Scale, By Joel Labow - In collaboration with Dave Klaus at Meteor
Productions, well known for his resin aftermarket aircraft kits and details,
Joel Labow persuaded Dave to introduce a line of nautically oriented kits. The first of these
is this model, which represents the quarterdeck of the Royal Navy frigate
HMS Diana (38 guns) of 1794.  
U-Boat Loading Torpedoes, Diorama by Michael Golden - Michael Golden wanted to do a harbor scene with a U-Boat. This diorama took one year to finish. The
diorama is 48" long and 38" wide. Sea gulls are hand made, along with some of the other details.
Ordeal of the USS Bunker Hill, Digital Dioramas by Richard Smith - These are a series of dioramas Richard Smith has developed based on the USS Bunker Hill
(CV-17). The kit is the 1:700 scale kit of
USS Essex produced by Hasegawa. It is painted in MS 21 using 5-N Navy Blue from Model Master paints. Richard produced
a series of photos of her at sea and under suicide plane attack on May 11, 1945 and the subsequent efforts to put out the fires and save her.
HMS Kelly as Torpedoed on May 9, 1941, Diorama by Pete Randall - Here is Pete Randall's version of White Ensign Models' 1:700 scale HMS Kelly, showing
her after being torpedoed on 9 May 1941. The model is more or less straight out of the box with only some work done on the port side for the torpedo hole damage
and the railings and boat davits bent and battered on the starboard side.
USS Lagarto, Forever on Patrol, Diorama by Mario Grima - In 1944 the Balao class submarine USS Largato went missing in the Gulf of Siam. In May 2005 the
wreck of the
Lagarto was discovered. This diorama by Mario Grima uses the Revell Lionfish model. The diorama is a speculation of the appearance of the wreck
based on diver drawings, the limited three dive photos, and photos of the
Lagarto prior to her loss.  
Gator – Amphibious Task Force in 1:700 Scale, Diorama by John C. Goodacre - Three CH-46s are heading to the beach while Marines are loading the LST and
LSD in order to get ready to get underway.
John Goodacre used the 1:700 scale Newport and Pensacola from JAG and Inchon  from Pit-Road for this diorama.
SMS Bosnia, German Repair Ship in Harbor 1917, 1:700 Scale - Dariusz Mazurowski has produced another of his superb dioramas. This time he scratch-built the
German repair ship
SMS Bosnia. Then he added the destroyer B 98 from a modified NNT kit, plus additional smaller vessels.
USS Sailfish SS-192, Ex-Squalus, Converted Revell Lionfish 1:178 Scale - This started off as the 1:178 scale model of the USS Lionfish by Revell. However,
Richard H. Smith totally reworked the model to portray the earlier Sargo class of submarine. This digital diorama portrays the USS Sailfish SS-192. Originally
named the
Squalus, the submarine sank in training and was renamed after being raised. As Sailfish, she sank a Japanese carrier.
SMS Sachsen Under Construction - Four battleships of the German Bayern Class were ordered but only the Bayern and Baden were completed, The other two,
Sachsen and Wurttemberg remained unfinished. Dariusz Mazurowski used the 1:700 scale Bayern by WSW as the first building block in this diorama of SMS
under construction.
Akagi Sails Again - Richard H. Smith specializes in a unique form of diorama that can be best called the Digital Diorama. In his specialty he combines photographs
of his models with scenic photography and adds digital effects. Here is the resurrection of his 1:700 scale
Akagi, which he damaged several months ago and then
placed back in service.  
SMS Radetzky, K.u.K. Austro-Hungarian Battleship at Pola Harbor, NNT 1:700 Scale - The diorama by Peter Plattner of Vienna features the SMS Radetzky
moored at her buoy in Pola harbour. The
Radetzky class was the last pre dreadnought battleships of the Austro Hungarian Navy. The major parts of the Radetzky are
from the
NNT kit in 1:700 scale, a highly recommended kit. Gun barrels are turned from brass. A couple of photo-etched items helped to finish the model.
Ramming of the PT-109 August 1943 in 1:700 Scale - This diorama depicts the moment before the impact of the Japanese destroyer Amagiri into the PT-109,
commanded by John F. Kennedy, in August 1943.
Pete Randall used Tamiya Japanese destroyer kits for the Amagiri and the White Ensign Models PT-109.
Krasin to the Rescue, Soviet Icebreaker July 11, 1928, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Peter Fulgoney has built the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of the Soviet Icebreaker Krasin
to depict her on July 11, 1928. She was already famous for coming to the rescue of ships of many nations, however, the greatest world fame came from the rescue
of a crew of an airship.
USS Patoka AO-0 and the Airship USS Shenandoah, 1:384 Scale - Through the 1920s and early 1930s the USN was strongly in favor of using dirigibles for fleet
scouting. The
USS Patoka AO-9 was converted into a tender for the rigid frame airships. This model was scratch-built by Dr. C.A. Stern in 1:384 scale and can be
found on display in the San Diego Maritime Museum. Photographs are by
Bob Crawford.
Italian 8th Cruiser Division at Navarrino Harbor, Greece, July 1942 - These photographs show the Italian 8th Cruiser Division at Navarrino Harbor, Greece in July
1942. The diorama is in 1:700 scale. The cruisers are RN
Giuseppe Garibaldi, produced by Regia Marina and RN Duca D’Aosta, Delphis model Eugenio Di
. The destroyers are RN Alpino and RN Bersagliere and both are from the Delphis Ascari DM009 kit. The models were built by Maurizio Maggi and the
diorama of Navarrino Harbor was scratch-built by
Alessandro Luciani.
Hood in the Denmark Straits - These are some shots of the HMS Hood in a 1:700 scale diorama built by Arne Rolstad. Arne tried to capture the final moments of
the "mighty "Ood" battlecruiser, as the last salvo from Bismarck is about to strike her. The model is by Tamyia in 1:700 scale with
White Ensign Models photo-etch
U-Boat Bunker in 1:700 Scale - This diorama shows a German U-Boat bunker shared with S-Boats. The diorama was built by Dong hwan Seo of the Korea Model
Warship Club. Various 1:700 scale models were used for the diorama. From Skywave there was the bunker itself, the S-Boats and the trucks. The U-Boats are from
Hasegawa. The tug boat, crane, oil storage tank and factory are from Tamiya. Brass two-rail photo-etch and figures are from Tom's Modelworks.
Up Scope! Submarine Action in 1:700 Scale - Using digital editing Richard Smith has created a series of photographs depicting periscope views of submarine
attacks in World War Two in the Pacific and the Atlantic. Whether it is a USN Fleet Boat or a Kriegsmarine U-Boat, the surface ship is the target in this series.  
I-68 Under Attack by Avengers - This is the Japanese submarine I-68 produced by Hasegawa in 1:700 scale. The attacking aircraft are Tamiya Avengers. Toms
Modelworks photo-etch was used to detail the model. The diorama was built by
Dong hwan Seo, who is an active member in the Korea Model Warship Club.  
U-201 Type VIIC U-Boat in Drydock - Gilles Perez, a ship modeler from France, took the Revell - Germany 1:72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat and used it as the
centerpiece of this diorama of the
U-201 in dry-dock. If you examine the photographs carefully, you'll find all sorts of fine detail worked into the diorama by Gilles,
that makes the scene come alive.
Nagumo's Strike Force in the North Pacific in 1:700 Scale - Richard Smith is back to the Pearl Harbor theme but with the Japanese strike force this time. These
models of
Akagi, Zuikaku, Soryu, Hiei and Kagero, portray Admiral Nagumo's strike force steaming to Pearl Harbor in rough weather to conceal their approach.
Heavies of the Regia Marina - Three heavy cruisers of the Regia Marina are the subject of this diorama. RN Zara and RN Pola of the Zara Class and RN Trento of
Trento Class, are all models from Delphis in 1:700 scale. Giampiero Galeotti of Regia Marina built this diorama.
Ford Island - Pearl Harbor in 1:700 Scale - Richard Smith has created a diorama of Pearl Harbor, centered around Ford Island, in 1:700 scale. The centerpiece is a
replication of the classic Japanese photograph taken of battleship row, just before the first torpedoes strike
USS Oklahoma and USS Nevada. Other photographs
show activity in early 1942.
Battle of Midway, 1:700 Scale - This vignette by David LaPell shows a section of the Battle of Midway, depicting the Soryu and Takao under attack. Both models as
well as attacking USN aircraft are from Aoshima in 1:700 scale.  
Norfolk Navy Yard 1991 - This diorama features a number of different models in 1:700 scale. Maurizio Chiaro has built a diorama representing the Norfolk Navy
Yard in 1991 before Desert Storm. Carriers, destroyers, gators, they're all here getting spruced up.
Seas of Hard Knox - USS Knox in Heavy Seas - In an extremely dramatic and professional diorama, Rusty White of Flagship Models built the USS Knox, frigate,
White Ensign Models in 1:350 scale into a diorama featuring the frigate encountering very heavy seas.
Signal Close Action, HMCS Oakville vs. U-94 - This diorama features the Matchbox Flower Class corvette and Amati U-47 to show a classic submarine versus
escort duel of the Canadian
HMCS Oakville in combat with the U-94. Les Sharcott built this diorama destined for a museum.  
SMS Bayern and SMS M-50 in Harbor - Move over Jim Baumann and Patrizio Carlucci, you have company at the top. Dariusz Mazurowski has produced an
exceptional diorama featuring the
SMS Bayern from WSW and M-50 Minesweeper from H-P Models, both in 1:700 scale. Both kits were reworked and heavily
modified  with some scratch-built parts.
Schnellboot Lair - Volker Glock decided to build the 1:72 scale Schnellboot S-100 given to him by his children, as part of a diorama. Volker placed this model from
Revell-Germany in a pier side setting at low tide, notice sea growth on piles, about to be replenished with supplies and fuel.
The Battle of the Pacific, Using Models in Digital Photography - Richard Smith has developed some techniques for using model ship kits, props, and digital
camera techniques to develop photos depicting ships during the World War II era. The goal is to place the models in a photograph that places the warship in an
operational setting. The warship models used by Richard in this set of photographs were not identified but they appear to be in 1:700 scale.
HMS Furious, Aircraft Carrier 1918 - A carrier with an island in the middle of the flight deck. That is just one of the features of the HMS Furious, in her 1918 fit,
that compelled
Jim Baumann to build the 1:700 scale kit of Furious, produced by Loose Cannon Productions. This is another article that is of such high quality,
that it fits into the aircraft carrier gallery, diorama gallery and aircraft carrier reviews.
RN Roma, Italian Battleship, Summer 1943 - It is a night in the summer of 1943 and the newest Italian battleship, the RN Roma, is having work done under the
lights of the dockyard, as the latest radar is being installed.
Patrizio Carlucci has done it again. Many will remember his diorama of Bismarck in the Kiel Canal. This
time Patrizio has built the
Regia Marina 1:700 scale model of RN Roma, to show her receiving a radar fit at night. So good, it is in the battleship and diorama galleries.
Happy Times - Building the U-99 - The Revell 1:125 scale U-Boat U-99 was used as the basis for this diorama by Mario Grima. Entitled "Happy Times", it shows
the U-Boat under construction at Krupps Shipyard.  
Dawn of Destiny - the Arizona & Vestal - In 1991 artist Tom Freeman completed a painting entitled, Daybreak of Destiny, showing the USS Arizona and USS Vestal
minutes before the attack at Pearl harbor.
Michael Golden has built this diorama that shows this pair together in 1:350 scale. Using the Banner Arizona and Iron
Vestal, Mike has his own Dawn of Destiny.
The Recovery: Recovery of Gemini 7 - This diorama by Bob Santos depicts the recovery of the space capsule Gemini 7 on December 18, 1965. The capsule is a
modified Revell 1:24 scale model, with everything else being scratch-built.
Eugene Ely & the Birmingham - In November 1910 Eugene Ely first flew off of a warship of the USN. He took off of the USS Birmingham scout cruiser. Jim
built this diorama centering around the Birmingham from Loose Cannon Models in 1:700 scale.
Okinawa Landings - In another diorama from Bob Harris, he uses 1:350 scale models from Iron Shipwright to build a diorama of the landings at Okinawa in 1945.
Zuni to the Rescue - Bob Harris built this diorama around the efforts of the USS Zuni ATF-95 to save the USS Reno CL-96. The diorama in 1:350 scale uses resin
kits from
Blue Water Navy and Iron Shipwright.
The Fleet of Rick Walker - Rick Walker of Lancaster, Kentucky builds in 1:700-720 scales. He also likes to display completed models in Battle Groups. These are
some of his models.
Loss of the Yorktown - Using 1:2400 scale models from GHQ, Robert Swan dramatically shows the sinking of the USS Yorktown CV 5, following the Battle of
Wreck of the Arizona - The Revell USS Arizona in 1:426 scale has been around for over a generation. Michael Beaudry used it as the basis for this striking diorama,
depicting the
Arizona after she had settled on to the seabed of Pearl Harbor.
Sinking of the Szent Istvan - This is a remarkable diorama of the loss of the Austro-Hungarian dreadnought, Szent Istvan. Jim Baumann used the remarkable film
footage that captured this event of June 10, 1918 to build the WSW 1:700 model of the
Szent Istvan in a moment in time during her sinking.
1:700th scale sinking ship diorama  #2 #3 #4 by Peter Van Buren (Hasegawa U-Boat & Waterline Tug Boat set)
1:426 USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, #2, #3, #4, #5 by Dave Judy
1:700 IJN Scene (Haguro, Kirishima, Kinu),  #2, #3  by Mike Taylor
1:32 26' Motor Whaleboat Rescue Scene, #2, #3 by Bob Santos (Scratchbuilt)
1:350 Dockside Scene by Bob Santos (Iron Shipwright)
1:700 CL Miami and Cannon Class DE, #2 by Mike Taylor (Skywave)  
Vietnam Riverine Patrol, #2  by Mike Taylor (Viking Monitor and ASPB)
1:35 Submersible Alvin by Bob Santos
1:32 CSS Hunley, #2, #3 by Bob Santos (Scratchbuilt)
1:400 French Carrier Charles DeGaulle Battle Group, #2 (Heller carrier and L'Arsenal Floreal and Aviso escorts) by Mike Taylor
1:350 Corvettes, #2 by Mike Taylor (3 Iron Shipwright kits)
1:2400 Pearl Harbor Diorama, #2, #3 by Fred Heil (GHQ)
1:1000 Nautilus Ramming Nemo's Ship, #2 by Fred Heil (Lindberg USS Constitution and wargamer Nautilus)
1:2400 IJN Fleet Under Attack, #2, #3, #4 by Fred Heil (GHQ)
1:350 Asheville Class Gunboats by Mike Taylor (JAG Collective)
1/350 PD 487 (Iron Shipwright) Stalks IJN Sub I-1(Combat Subs), #2 by Mike Taylor
IJN sub under attack from PT boats (Skywave) by Mike Taylor
1:350 US Navy refueling diorama circa 1991 by Jon Warneke (Scratch-built)
1/32 Vietnam PBR Scene, #2 by Mike Leonard (Peddinghaus)
T2 Tanker and Liberty Ship in formation by Mike Taylor (Loose Cannon, Skywave)
1/700 Russian guided missile craft diorama by Mike Taylor (DML Nanuchka, Tarantul and Osa)  
1/700 Tarawa Class carrier USS Nassau and DDG Arleigh Burke  by Michael Taylor (DML and Skywave)  
1/35 Type VIIC U-boat diorama by ? photographed aboard USS Salem (Amati)
1/32 40mm Quad Bofors   AA mount and crew by Bob Santos (scratch-built)
1/32 USN 26ft Motor Whaleboat   Diorama by Bob Santos (Scratch-built)
1/600 Battle of Mobile Bay 1864, #2 USS Hartford vs CSS Tennessee (Thoroughbred) by Bob Santos
1/700 "Convoy JW58 to Russia, 1944" by Chris Drage  
1/700 Imperial Japanese Navy Diorama by Jim Gordon.   
1/2400 IJN Carrier Diorama by Jim Gordon using GHQ metal cast ships.  Let's get small!   
1/700 HMCS Huron by Chris Drage (Ultracast)  
1/700 HMS Eskimo (2nd battle of Narvik) by Chris Drage  
1/700 RN Diorama (HMS Diadem accompanies HMCS Haida and Huron on a channel sweep) by Chris Drage (Diadem: Skytrex metal kit, Haida & Huron: