Tim Bates didn't have far to go to compete in the 2019 US IPMS National Convention, since was at the Convention Center of his home town, Chattanooga, Tennessee. He entered his outstanding build of the USS Princeton CVL-23, as the light aircraft
carrier appeared in 1944. The kit is the
Dragon 1:350 scale Princeton. For brass photo-etch he used sets from White Ensign Models and Eduard's. Kit supplied weapons and equipment were replaced by Northstar 40mm Bofors and Mk. 51 directors
and Master Model 20mm Oerlikons. An Alliance USN Flag set was used. Model Master paints were used and aircraft frames were hand painted. Flight deck markings were hand stenciled. Stretched sprue provided for the arrestor cables and rigging.
The spinning propellers were scratch made and the base was fashioned by hand.