The German 37mm L83 SK on a C/30 mount was a common anti-aircraft gun in World War Two, especially on the larger ships of the Deutsche Kreigsmarine. If
you are unhappy with the fidelity of the plastic 37mm gun mounts on your 1:700 scale model kit, you might want to check out
Flyhawk Model set FH 700130,
which provides relief-etched 37mm L83 guns. There are 23 guns mounts included in this fret and each mount is comprised of five parts. The parts are (1) gunner's
seat and mount center, (2) mount platform, (3)  mount sides, (4) gun block and barrels, and (5) gun sights. The parts go together for a very satisfying piece of
ordnance with the possible exception of the thin gun barrels because they are photo-etch parts. Relief-etching is found throughout the parts on this fret.
Flyhawk Model Set FH 700130 provides 23 gun mounts of a prominent German anti-aircraft gun of World War Two. This fret provides heavily relief-etched
brass 37mm L83 SK C/30 twin-barreled guns.
Steve Backer