Excepting lighter machine guns, Flyhawk Model Set 700069 presents the Alpha and Omega of the anti-aircraft weaponry of the Imperial Japanese Navy in World
War Two. There are only two types on anti-aircraft weapons on this fret the single Type 96 25mm cannon and the 120mm rocket canister. There are 64 relief-etched
25mm single guns on the fret. Each gun is folded onto itself to add extra thickness and relief-etching on both sides of the gun. Not only does
Flyhawk give you
plenty of guns but they have three different pattern base plates for those guns. Provided are 48 small circular base plates with raised rivet detail, 30 square base plates
with raised rim and cross braces and 21 large circular base plates with raised radiating supports. The other weapon is the 120mm rocket canister. These were found
aboard aircraft carriers and the battleship/carriers
Ise and Hyuga in 1944. It is said that one reason the Ise and Hyuga escaped from the Battle of Cape Engano
relatively unscathed is that the rocket launchers appeared so impressive with their multiple rocket exhaust trails that Halsey's fliers went after other targets. There are
12 rocket launchers on the fret and each is composed of two parts, the canister and the mount. As with the 25mm guns both pieces are relief-etched.
has produced a lovely fret with plenty of the most common AA guns, the Type 96 25mm single gun, and the rare 120mm rocket canister.
The mix of the single gun Type 96 25mm cannon and the 120mm rocket canisters on Flyhawk Model Set 700069 is just perfect for late war carriers and
everybody's favorites, the
Ise and Hyuga hermaphrodites.
Steve Backer