The Imperial Japanese warships always had numerous binocular fittings even at the start of the war. They relied heavily on their observers spotting allied warships
first to get in the first strike. As the war progressed another piece of equipment started to be fitted in increasing quantities, the light anti-aircraft fire control director.
Do you see this equipment on your IJN models in 1:700 scale? No you don't because they would be too small for the plastic model manufacturers to capture.
Flyhawk Model has a solution with their Binocular & Director brass photo-etch set in 1:700 scale, FH 70022. Flyhawk gives you eight different patterns of one
piece binocular fittings but that is only a start. For the fire control directors, you get seven different patterns of two piece directors and on three piece director.
Relief-etching is used throughout the set.
Steve Backer