Gussets? What are gussets? Gussets are steel reinforcement forms, usually with a triangular shape. They can come as solid forms or with perforated weight saving
holes. Breakwaters almost always have solid gussets on the rear face of the breakwater so that the breakwater doesn't collapse or is damaged by the tremendous force
of tons of seawater breaking over the bow when a ship is "
taking it green". Gussets are also present underneath starfish platforms or under deck overhangs or
platforms. Does you kit of a 1:350 scale Imperial Japanese Navy warship have the gussets that should be there or if plastic gussets are present, are they as thick as a
highway divider? If you answer yes to either of these two questions,
Flyhawk Model as the solution for you. Flyhawk Model Imperial Japanese Navy Perforated
Gussets in 1:350 scale, set
FH 350010, has perforated brass gussets in twelve different patterns. (Flyhawk also produces a set of solid gussets.) Each pattern has a
different shape or size of perforated gusset to have the correct pattern and size for about any location. This set provides the brass parts necessary to correct the
deficiencies of the plastic kit. Although the set is designed for the Japanese Navy of World War Two, it obviously can be used for the warships of other navies and
other eras.
Steve Backer