In 1930 the Royal Navy introduced the Mk IX 4.7-inch/45 gun as main armament for British destroyers. The A Class was the first class to receive this gun. The gun
was designed for single mounts and used the Central Pivot (CP) single gun mount. The Mk IX was used for all single mount destroyers through the
R Class of 1942.
When the Admiralty was designing the big
Tribal Class destroyers, they modified the Mk IX slightly to produce the almost identical Mk XII/45 for use with destroyers
with twin mounts. The
Tribals, J Class, K Class and N Class destroyers carried the Mk XII in CP Mk XIX mounts, as well as the S Class single guns. These mounts
were restricted to a maximum elevation of 40 degrees, which was not sufficient to adequately defend against dive bombers such as the Stuka, which dove at steep
angles. The
S Class received a different CP design and had a 55 degree elevation. You may think of Flyhawk for the superb plastic kits that they are now producing
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Tribal destroyer, twin mount destroyer and single gun Royal Navy destroyers A Class through R Class. You get eight turned brass barrels with this set.
Steve Backer