As you may have noticed, smaller anti-aircraft guns on plastic 1:700 scale warship models can be significantly overscale and "blooby". One big exception are the parts
supplied in
Flyhawk Model plastic kits, which in my opinion are the best injected plastic kits in the world in terms of quality and fineness of detail. But what if you don't
have a
Flyhawk kit and your Royal Navy anti-aircraft guns look like they just stepped off of the set for The Blob? Flyhawk Model has the answer there too. Royal
Navy Anti-Aircraft Gun Set One, FH 700034
in relief-etched brass has three different multiple barrel RN AA guns. The fret provides eight octuple barrel pom-pom
mounts, six quadruple barrel pom-pom mounts and eight quadruple barrel Vickers machine gun mounts. Most of the parts have beautiful relief-etching. With eleven
parts, each 8-barreled pom-pom is extraordinarily intricate and will involve patience in assembly. The quadruple pom-pom has 12 parts per mount. The Vickers mount is
the fastest to assemble with only four parts per mount
Steve Backer