Trumpeter has released 1:700 kits of Renown, Repulse, Hood and all five members of the Queen Elizabeth Class, all of which could benefit from photo-etch.
Flyhawk Model has an excellent solution for the railings with Flyhawk set 700062. Flyhawk supplies Royal Navy railing in eight different patterns. Pattern 1 has
dropping deck railing with widely spaced stanchions. You get two runs of this railing. Pattern 7 also is dropping rail deck railing with medium spaced stanchions. This
is the most common type of railing as 5 runs are provided on the fret. You get 2 runs of pattern 2, which is two bar railing. Pattern 3 is three bar railing with closely
spaced stanchions with no droop. Two runs are supplied. A different pattern is also numbered 3 but is three bar railing with no drop but with widely spaced
stanchions. Two runs of this pattern are supplied. Patter 4 is the ornate design typically found on stern walks. With two of these runs, you'll have enough stern walk
railing for the entire Royal Navy. The two runs of Pattern 5 are foot rails for the funnels. Lastly there are two runs of vertical ladder are Pattern 6. All of the railing has
a bottom scuttle, rather that only stanchion ends. This makes it easy to attach the railing. This
Flyhawk railing is delicate so that it won't be oversize and is the perfect
complement for any Royal Navy ship in 1:700 scale.
Steve Backer