Flip those Flapjacks and Roll those Eggs! With the USS United States CVA-58 in 1:700 scale from Blue Ridge Models, you can do just that. No, we are not talking
about breakfast. The
USS United States was the first ship in a five ship class of supercarriers approved by President Harry Truman, prodded by the strong support of
the first Secretary of Defence formerly Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, on July 29, 1948 and funded in the 1949 Naval Appropriations Act. Designed to be
flush deck with no island in order to carry large aircraft capable of carrying the large nuclear weapons of the time. The large bombs were later nick-named eggs.
Oh-Oh, thought the USAF generals. Air deployed nuclear weapons were their monopoly.  The money appropriated for these supercarriers would buy a lot of B-36
Peacemakers (500 B-36s for the cost of one carrier) and future USAF bomber designs. The Air Force started lobbying immediately. After the November 1948
Presidential election President Truman demanded a slash in military spending. When Forrestal balked, Truman fired him and picked an election fundraiser Louis
Johnson as a successor. On April 18, 1949 the keel for the
United States was laid down at Newport News Dockyard. However, the Air Force had already gotten to
Louis Johnson, the new Secretary of Defence, and he cancelled the supercarrier construction only five days later on April 23, 1949. The Secretary of the Navy, John
Sullivan, and many active admirals immediately resigned in protest over the cancellation. Johnson proposed giving USMC aviation to the USAF and openly questioned
the need for the Marine Corps. On June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea and Truman was shocked to learn that he had so severely cut back the Navy,
Army and Marines that they were incapable of undertaking what he originally wished in response. For the Navy it resulted in a new design of supercarrier, the
, which used many of the concepts from the United States.

Gene Largado built the Blue Ridge Models 1:700 scale USS United States and entered it in the Free Time Hobbies Fall Festival and Show held on October 14,
2017. Gene also equipped the carrier with those rare birds that were anticipated to be equipped, as well as some other oddities. The circular aircraft are Vought XF5U
"Flying Flapjacks". Since this program was cancelled in 1947, their presence is solely eye-candy. The oddest aircraft included is the Douglas 1186 parasite nuclear
bomber, which had a huge cruise missile underneath a small fighter designed along the lines of the X-3 Stiletto. These were ordered specifically for the
USS United
and were cancelled with the carrier. One aircraft that did make the cut was the North American Aviation AJ Savage. Ordered as a medium navy bomber capable
of carrying nuclear bombs of the time, the first test flight was in July 1948, with the bombers entering service in 1950, and becoming the primary naval egg carrier for
the next decade.