At the end of World War One the Japanese Navy came up with their 8-8 plan in response to the huge USN capitol ship construction program. The plan contemplated
eight new battleships and eight new battlecruisers. The first batch of four battlecruisers were laid down in 1920 and 1921. They were
Amagi, Akagi, Atago and
Takao. They were to displace 41,217-tons (47,000-tons full load). Armed with ten 16-inch guns they would have been capable of 30-knots. The Washington Treaty
of 1922 halted their construction.
Amagi and Akagi were to be converted into aircraft carriers and the other two were scrapped. The Tokyo earthquake so badly
strained the hull structure of
Amagi that it could not be used, so the hull of the battleship Kaga was substituted for Amagi. Kostas Katseas has turned his attention
to the Fujimi 1:700 kit of the battlecruiser
Amagi, as she would have appeared.