Many modern submarine kits come with a small photo-etch fret that has the propeller (screw) represented by a flat photo etch piece. As such, it is essentially a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional object. These can be made to look
fairly decent if the blades are correctly curved by the model builder to the same degree. But now, there is now a much better alternative available. These new 1/350 scale 3D printed versions are sold on Ebay, by the seller “Mulsannemike” (Mike Fuller).
You will see sets (2 each) of each 3D printed submarine propellers. I bought several sets, and you can see them in Figs 1-8. These are modesty priced, superb reproductions and there are no visible printing striations (steps) visible on the finished
product. The 5 bladed “speed” props used on the
Skipjack and early Permit class submarines are shown in Fig. 1 & 2. The later 7 bladed J-type screws, installed on the Permit, Sturgeon, and the 1960’s Polaris/Poseidon SSBN classes, are seen in Fig.
3 & 4. There are four different types of
Los Angeles class submarine screws. The original standard screws fitted are in Fig. 5 & 6. These differ by their shape and size of the hub. Later versions are in Figs. 7 & 8. These screws include the multi-vaned
vortex attenuator hub and the ring propeller installed on the 688I boats. These upgrades truly bring your 1/350 scale submarine models up to a whole new level; whether you are building a resin or polystyrene kit. He also has other screws available,
including the contraprops for the
USS Jack. If you buy several at once, you get a break on the postage from Mike. A highly recommended product if you build submarine models in 1/350 scale.

Thomas J. Dougherty
Boston, Massachusetts