The Aquitaine ASW frigate is the first ship of FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigate) class operated by the Marine Nationale (French Navy or “La
Royale”), which also includes the ER (Extended Range) version. As for the Italian Navy FREMM, both GP (General Purpose) and ASW (Anti-
submarine Warfare) versions of this ship are now in service, but they have different armament and sensors configurations as well as dimensions. The
Aquitaine has a displacement of 6.000 tons, length of 142m, beam of 20m, maximum speed of 28knots and range of 6,000nm with a
cruising speed of 15knots. Each vessel can accommodate an NH90 ASW helicopter and carries two RHIBs for commando operations located in
closed bays in each side of the ship. The ship has a crew of 108 but can accommodate a maximum of 180. To date only the ASW version has been
exported for the Royal Moroccan Navy which purchased its
Mohammed VI FREMM frigate in 2014.

Although similar to the
Aquitaine, does not include the VLS for the SCALP Naval cruise missiles as well the jammers and 20 mm guns Nexter
Narwhal / Remote Weapon Systems. The Egyptian navy is also due to receive the FREMM
Normandie from the French Navy inventory, although
negotiations are still proceeding by now. More information: and
The kit: The 1/700 French FREEM Aquitaine (ASW) is the third FREMM kit released by Gwylan Models after the Italian FREMM Carlo Bergamini
(GP and ASW versions), whose review is also available at SteelNavy at the following link:  
Gwylan Models Carlo Bergamini. The kit includes: Single
piece waterline resin hull; Main sprue with all resin parts; Complete photo-etch set with parts to be applied on the hull; Resin sprue with 2x NH-90
Caïman Helicopters parts; Photo-etch Set for 2x NH-90 Caïman Helicopters; Decal sheet for 8 ships of this class; and Instruction sheet.

Hull: This kit is cast as a single piece waterline resin hull, with excellent moulded details including the VLS cells, air vents and life raft canisters,
among others. As happened with previous models the sample I’ve got is almost perfect although the hull requires minor corrections, but nothing

Resin Parts: There is a single resin sprue for the remaining parts to be applied on the hull, which include among others: Mast; Thales Herakles 3D
multifunction (phased array) radar; OTO Melara 76/62 mm gun; EXOCET MM-40 missile canisters (4x); 20 mm guns Nexter Narwhal / Remote
Weapon Systems (2x); Multiple Sensors, radars and SAT Domes; Decoy and jammers systems; Gun Directors; and RHIB’s (2x). As for the two NH-
90 Caïman helicopters the quality is superb and allowing two different configurations to be built (unfolded and folded) with a specific photo etch parts.
Photo Etch: The photo-etch set is very complete and includes railings, antennas, mast yards, helicopter safety nets, doors for the RHIB bays areas on
each side of the model, etc. An extra photo-etch set is provided just for the NH-90 Caïman helicopters and includes the main and tail rotor blades for
two helicopters, with two sets for the folded option and one set for the extend version as well as the tail horizontal stabilizers.

Decals: Gwylan Models provides a very compete and sharply rendered decal sheet (hull numbers, helocopter deck markings as well as the ship
nameplates) allowing the modellers to build one of the following ships: D650
Aquitaine; D651 Normandie; D652 Provence; D653 Languedoc; D654  
Auvergne; D655 Alsace; D656 Bretagne; and D657 Lorraine.

Instructions: As always, the instruction sheet included very clear and provides via a systematic methodology a very simple and easy approach to
build model. The location of the decals and PE parts are also very clear, and the only step on this building that requires extra attention is highly detailed
mast, which requires 12 PE parts to be fixed.

Painting Scheme: Although no specific colours reference is indicated in the instructions sheet, the manufacturer suggest Vallejo Model Colour 153
Pale Grey Blue for the hull and other “vertical” surfaces, deck houses, masts, funnel, etc. As for the decks and other horizontal surfaces (flight deck
included) the Vallejo 163 Model Colour Dark Sea Green could be a good option.
Conclusion: Yet another fantastic Gwylan Models kit that I’m sure it will please many modellers looking for modern 1/700 scale model warships, in
particular for the FREMM fans! Moreover, for those fans, Gwylan Models will release the 4th version of the FREMM series, and the 2nd version of
the French FREMM. In fact the so-called FREMM-ER (Extended Range) will be also available at 1/700 scale at the same time as the ASW version. So
both versions will be available in the next few days. This kit will be available (together with the FREMM-ER) in the next few days at Gwylan Model
website for £27,50 (about €35,75) and as all other kits of the FREMM series, has an excellent price for such a highly resin kit with photo etch parts
and decals for all ships of the class.
Ayala Botto
Lisbon, Portugal