Carlo Bergamini is the first of the Italian frigates of the FREMM type. The FREMM were designed to replace the French anti submarine ships
(destroyers) of the
Tourville class and Georges Leyques class as well as the air defence ships (destroyers) of the Cassard class and the Italian frigates of
Lupo (Artigliere) class and Maestrale class. They have some common systems, e.g. hull, bow sonar and part of the armament. The main difference
between the French (Aquitaine class) and the Italian version is the radar: the French ships have pyramide-like Heracles active phased array radar sitting
low above the bridge, whereas the Italian ships have a EMPAR passive phased array radar high on the foremast.

There are two variants built for the Italian navy: general purpose (GP) and anti submarine (ASW). The main differences are: a) the gun on the forecastle:
12,7 cm L/64 with Vulcano guided ammunition with 130 km range (GP); 7,62 cm L/62 (ASW). b) 8 Teseo Mk2 Block IV launchers (GP); 4 Teseo Mk2
Block IV anti-ship and land attack missiles launchers and 4 anti-submarine missile launchers (ASW) (actually for both missiles the same launcher is used).
c) stern door for 11 m RHIB (GP); variable depth sonar (ASW).

Armament of Carlo Bergamini:
1 x 12,7 cm L/64 LW Oto Melara
1 x 7,62 cm L/62 SR Strales Oto Melara
2 x 2,5 cm L/80 OTO Melara KBA
4 twin launchers for Teseo Mk2 Block IV-Antischiffsraketen anti-ship and land attack missiles
1 16 cell Sylver A-50 VLS for Aster 15 and Aster 30 anti air missilles (room for an additional 16 cell Sylver A-70 VLS for scalp cruise missiles is available)
6 x 32,4 cm torpedo tubes (two triple tubes for MU-90 torpedoes)
2 NHIndustries SH-90A (NH90 NFH) helicopters or 1 SH-90A and 1 WestlandAugusta EH101
Although the Italian navy wanted ten ships, only six are ordered. Carlo Bergamini (F590) is the first of these and was built from 2008 to 2013 at
Fincantieri in Riva Trigoso and Muggiano. She is currently deployed to the Indian Ocean.

The model was built using the Gwylan Models kit (for photos of the parts see [
option=com_content&view=article&id=3615:gwylan-model-italienische-fregatte-carlo-bergamini-1700&catid=447]). This kit is well designed and
detailed, but the master was made with an 3D printer and was not cleaned up before using it to cast the resin copies. Many of the surfaces are very
rough, especially the foremast and the stern.

After I had seen Rob Kernaghan’s  model in Telford (see []), I
decided to build it. I tried sanding the parts to remove the roughness from the 3D printing, but I was not really able to get a totally smooth surface.
Anyway, I finished it. I used Vallejo Model Color 153 (vertical parts), 160 (decks) and 166 (helicopter deck) to paint it. The other ships in the photos
are the French frigate  
Surcouf  F711 from the L’Arsenal kit and the Italian frigate (destroyer) Andrea Doria D553 (Horizon/Orrizonte class) for the
Delphis Models kit.
Lars Scharff