History: The  Gremyashchy class (Project 20385) corvette from the Russian Navy (Корвет "Гремящий" Проект 20385 - России флот), was developed by the Central
Marina Design Bureau in St. Petersburg, and it’s an improved version of the
Steregushchy class (Project 20380) corvette with greater dimensions and displacement,
improved habitability for extended operational range, capacity to launch cruise missiles (SS-N-27 or SS-N-26), and better equipped with electronics and air defences.
The distinctive integrated stealth mast include the radar system with increased ability to detect and track air and sea targets, providing advance stealth technology in
order to reduce the ship’s radar signature, as well as improved acoustic, infrared, magnetic and visual signature. The construction has suffered huge delays, and
currently only
Gremyashchy (510) is under construction. This might be a single ship class.
Length: 115,10m
Beam: 14m
Draft: 3,7m (max – 5)
Displacement: 2.200 metric tons

Propulsion: 2x11660 hp DDA12000 diesels, 2 fixed pitch propellers (Project 20385 – 2 variable pitch propellers), 4x630 kW 22-26DG diesel generators;

Speed: 27 knots;

Endurance: 4.000 nautical miles at 14 knots;

Crew: 100

Aircraft: Ka-27 Helix anti-submarine helicopter and hangar facilities.

Furke-E 3D, E/F band Air search radar;
Garpun-B/3Ts-25E Surface search radar Granit;
Ratep 5P-10E Puma Fire control radar;
Zarya-ME suite, bow mounted;
Vinyetka low frequency active/passive towed array Sonar.

Arsenal A-190 100mm gun - 1x;
AK-630М CIWS guns - 2x;
MTPU pedestal machine gun 14.5 mm - 2x;
330 mm SM-588 «Paket-NK» launchers (8 MTT torpedoes, M-15 anti-torpedoes) - 2x4 TT;
DP-64 grenade launchers (240 rounds) - 2x;
Igla MANPADS - 8x;
UKSK VLS system for SS-N-27 or SS-N-26 cruise missiles – 8x cells;

·         Redut VLS system for 9M96 Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM) - 2x8 cells.
Hull: This kit is cast as a single piece waterline resin hull, with excellent and complete moulded details in a very smooth surface, with air vents, hangar door,
watertight doors, among others details accurately represented, namely the VLS cells located at the hull and stern of the model. As mentioned above, being a waterline
model, it means the lower hull is not represented.

Resin Parts: The main resin sprue includes the necessary parts to apply on the hull, namely: Stealth mast; Details parts for the Stealth mast; Dome; Arsenal A-190
100mm gun and barrel; AK-630М CIWS guns - 2x; Ship's Boat; RHIB; A second resin sprue includes the frame of the Ka-27 and Ka-31 helicopters with an amazing
level of detail.

Photo-Etch Set for the Hull: Detail parts for the stealth mast; Small mast on top of the Hangar; Handling cranes to load and recover the RHIB and Ship Boat; Safety
nets; Railings.
Photo Etch Set for the Helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-31: Folded Rotor Blades; Unfolded Rotor Blades; Landing gear set; Vertical Tail stabilizers.

Decals: The decal sheet provides hello deck marking as well as the pennant number (510) and the hull ship name in Cyrillic for the first vessel of this class (Гремящий /

Instructions: A normal single page, fairly simple, pointing in a very clear way the correct location of all parts as well as the correct order to build and finish this model.

Paint Scheme: Although no specific colours references are mentioned in the instructions sheet, I would recommend White Ensign Models Russian Baltic Fleet Grey
M20 for the hull and remaining “vertical” surfaces. Regarding the decks, the standard Russian red brick colour seems to be abandoned to the detriment of a medium grey
colour. Perhaps Vallejo Colour 868 Dark Sea Green could be an interesting alternative to paint the decks of this model. This is the scheme applied to the "new generation"
of Russian warships namely, Project 11356 -
Admiral Grigorovich Class Frigate and Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov Class Frigate (already announced by Gwylan
Models as the next project to be released soon). To represent the water line, I suggest a white thin decal stripe and Vallejo Colour 982 Cavalry Brown for the hull red
colour below the white water line decal mentioned.

Conclusion: A nicely detailed and pretty straightforward building model with an interesting set of photo-etched parts. If you’re looking for the first resin model to build,
this kit must be on your short list. As for the addicted of modern warships models of the Russian Navy, this is a must have kit and Gwylan Models deserves
congratulations for producing and releasing such a nice and complete kit. For all other modellers, you can’t miss the change of having this model in your 1/700 scale fleet.
It’s a great kit and highly recommended!
Ayala Botto