I built the HMS Majestic in my usual 1/550 scale. It is based upon drawings in R. A. Burt's British Battleships, 1889-1904. I am slowly building models
of different British predreadnought battleships, using Burt's drawings, supplemented by Russian drawings found on the Internet. This one turned out
particularly well. For some reason, sometimes some models turn out noticeably better than others. Usually, it is a combination of a handsome design,
fewer errors on my part and better and more detailed drawings and plans to base the model upon. I was pretty discouraged by my previous model (
), which was plagued by problems. Even with this model, I made one major mistake, misinterpreting Burt's plan drawing. I had to surgically
remove the focsle and replace it with a new one. Fortunately, I was able to do this without damaging the rest of the hull.
Greg Shoda