The build of the Iron Shipwrights 1:350 Scale USS Columbia C-12 was basically out of the box with a couple of exceptions: The hull was a water-lined casting at my request. The compass and pelorus on the flying bridge are from Paper Lab and L’Arsenal respectively.
I scratch-built the masts with brass rod using the kit's resin versions as a template along with the scale drawings that are included on the kit instructions. MicroScale gold lettering decals were used for the ship's name on the transom. For the rigging I used .004 steel wire
dipped in Blacken It.
B&D Brass Barrels were used for the 8” and 6" deck guns and smaller caliber barrels from the Master Models Borodino set were used the casemate guns.  The Master Models barrels were close enough of a match to use. L’Arsenal crew figures man
the decks. The kit was a joy to build and does a great job of capturing the beautiful lines of this ship.
Felix Bustelo
Nabob of Newark