This is a kit of the C Class Spanish submarine designed by a small Spanish garage company called Iberia Models. It´s a brand new company and kit. The kit is
composed of a medium sized hull and two small resin block pieces. A small photo-etch fret and decals are also included. It´s a Spanish version (a bit bigger and more
heavily armed) of the American
S Class submarine. The hull and conning tower demonstrate the kinship between both classes. The kit requires sanding, especially the
hull, and some filling. The conning tower requires trimming and a bit of sanding. I´ve used Miliput to fill the small space of shafts and hull too. The gun deck requires
patience and a good saw or Dremel to be freed. I´ve improvised a toothpick with small line of Tamiya´s sandpaper glued with cianocrilate to sand the small opening of
the torpedo tubes.
Juan Bataller
Barcelona, Spain