These photographs show two wooden kits of USS North Carolina, one by Ideal Toy Company and one by Whitman Publishing Company. Both kits
were produced in 1940. The Whitman's are bears to build because you do not get hulls. You get a balsa spine for a keel,  balsa ribs, and paper for an
outside cover to make the hull. Then you are on your own. 70 years later all they do is disintegrate. You copy on a good copier, use new wood and
cardboard and a color copier. This was a competitor for the Ideal Toy Company 500 scale
North Carolina. After the experience with Yorktown I am
not brave enough to do
North Carolina yet and do not want to ruin the kit. Today's modelers can see how challenging these were. The kit sold for $.50.
Tom Ratliff
Atlanta, Georgia