Shimakaze was, without a doubt, the most formidable destroyer built for the Imperial Japanese Navy, if not overall during World War II. She had firepower, speed,
size and whopping battery of fifteen 24-inch torpedo tubes in 3 quintuple launchers. By the time she was commissioned, the tide had turned against Japan and the
other 16 ships planned in this class were never started as they were too expensive to build.

Now lightning sometimes strikes twice, but three times?  Well never say never. For the longest time, there was no 1:350 scale kit of this monster destroyer but in a
short amount of time a total of three were released by different kit producers. While there are pros and cons to all of them, the consensus among the pundits of IJN
modeling (I am not one of them by a long shot) is that the Hasegawa kit is the better of the bunch. Based on this info, I picked one up. The fine folks at Infini Models
decided to cover all bases and produced detail sets for all three kits. This review focuses on the set designed for the Hasegawa kit of
Shimakaze in her 1944 fit.
The detail set is comprised of three brass photo-etch frets labeled A through C, a plethora of turned brass parts, laser cut wood decking for the cutters and Lycra
rigging thread. This set is a mix of additional and replacement parts for the kit. All of the photo-etch frets have parts numbers etched into them for easier
identification and cross-reference to the assembly guide. The brass has excellent relief-etching and appears to be fine but still sturdy enough to handle. Similar to
other Infini Models photo-etch sets, the parts are grouped together by the part or section they detail or the type of part they are. Each grouping is clearly identified.
This shows the careful thought put into the design of the photo-etch.

Fret A contains parts to make the mounts for the single and triple Type 96 25mm, 25mm ammunition lockers, depth charge racks, loading tracks and end caps,
parts to detail the 127mm twin gun turrets, parts to detail the Type 0 quintuple torpedo launchers and carriages and detail parts for the Type 93 torpedoes.

Fret B has several lengths of pre-measured railings, inclined a pair with an upward curve for the foc’sle deck, splinter shields for the deck edges, boat davits and
cradles, boat details, water-tight doors, cable reels, accommodation ladders and storage racks, and linoleum tie down strips for the decks.
Fret C contains parts various anti-aircraft gun platforms, part to detail each funnel (including cap grills and platforms) , parts to detail the forward superstructure
and bridge (including bridge windows, portholes, decks and railings), parts to detail the aft deck housing, and fore and main mast details(including yardarm foot
ropes, platforms and radars).

There are a large number of turned brass parts and they include the 12.7cm gun barrels, single 25mm gun barrels and pedestals, 25mm gun barrels for the triple
mounts, depth charges, five styles of cable reel drums, parts for the jack and ensign staffs, several yard arms, gun platform support pedestals and two types of
bases for equipment handling davits. The single 25mm guns are done in a clever manner as the barrel and pedestal are one piece which requires you to clip the
parts apart. The turned brass parts are very well done with great detail where needed. To be honest, my photos really don’t do them justice as it was tough trying
to reduce the glare. A small sheet of laser-cut self-adhesive wood decking is included for the pair of cutters which also has some planking that is stowed on the
side of the aft deck housing. Some black Lycra thread is also provided for the rigging.

The assembly guide is comprised of 8 pages with full color photos showing the assembly and placement of all the parts provided with this detail set. The photos
include images of the actual kit with the various photo-etch parts fitted in place, which is very helpful. This is quite a complex and complete detail set and as well
done as the instructions are, careful reading and studying is required.
This is a very extensive and well-done detail set which will turn a very good kit into something outstanding. There is no area of the model not covered in some
manner with this detail set and because of that, I would recommend it for experience modelers and not for someone just starting to working with photo-etch. My
thanks to Infini Models for providing the review sample.
Felix Bustelo