The Tamiya 1:350 scale kits of the USS Missouri and USS New Jersey, whatever fit the represent, build into rather nice scale models of the ultimate example of US
Navy battleship design. The nine 16-inch guns fitted in triple turrets packed a wallop against enemy targets in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and
lastly the Gulf War. The kit guns aren’t too bad for an injection-molded kit of its vintage but the aftermarket upgrade options have grown exponentially since these
kits were first released. A perfect example is turned brass barrels, which have become very prevalent in the last few years. They are much more refined and in scale
than older plastic parts given the limitations of the injection-molding process.

Infini Models
Iowa class 16-Inch/50 barrels set provides modelers of the venerable Tamiya kits an excellent option to replace the kits barrels, which are molded as
one piece with the blast bags. In addition to nine exquisitely tapered turned brass barrels, which need absolutely no clean up, you also get nine separate resin blast
bags. The blast bags are not only better looking than the kit’s versions but being separate parts makes painting the respective sections easier. You will have to remove
them from the casting plug and the tab at the backside will fit into the kit turrets without any or little effort. Fit the pintle at the base of the barrel into the opening in
the blast bag are you are done. Very little work to improve your model. No instructions are provided but you really don’t need any as assembly is as straight forward
as you can get.
Infini Models offers the brass barrel set on its own so that you can use them with the WW2 or Gulf War fit Missouri or Vietnam fit New Jersey or as part of their
larger detail set for the Gulf War
Missouri kit. This set is highly recommended to upgrade you Tamiya Iowa class kit, whatever flavor you may have. My thanks go
out to Infini Models for providing this review sample.
Felix Bustelo