The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) is a long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile that was developed and introduced by General Dynamics in the
1970s. The Tomahawks were upgraded several times with guidance systems for precision navigation. Currently Raytheon is the manufacturer of the missiles. The Mark
143 Armored Box Launcher (ABL) is a four-round protected launch container for the Tomahawk missile. Eight ABLs were fitted to the Iowa-class battleship following
their 1980s recommissioning upgrade, providing 32 missiles to each ship. To fit the ABLs. some of the twin 5-inch gun mounts had to be removed. Two ABLs were
also fitted on nuclear-powered cruisers, including
USS Long Beach and the Virginia class, as well as some Spruance class destroyers. The ABL was eventually phased
out in favor of the larger capacity Vertical Launching System (VLS). Both the ABL and VLS cannot be reloaded at sea, requiring a return to port in order to receive new

Infini Model’s Tomahawk Launcher Set B provides parts for to assembly four ABLs: three in a closed position and one in an open, ready to launch position. Infini Model
also offers Set A, which provides parts to build a pair of ABLs in the open position. Set B is comprised of resin and turned brass parts, with an extensive photo-etch
parts fret and lengths of brass wire.
The three ABL housings in the closed position are cast resin parts. The parts come on casting runners and will require a bit of cleanup along that joint. The housings
have the hinges, various hatches and doors and other details cast into them. Photo-etch parts, such as vertical ladders and grab handles, will add additional details to the
housings. Attaching the individual stanchions (PE parts 45) will require drilling numerous holes into the top edges of the resin housings. The lengths of brass wire are to
be cut down to attach to the stanchions.

The photo-etch parts not used to detail the resin housings are to be used to assemble the open ABL. In fact, the open ABL assembly is made up of strictly photo-etch
and turned brass parts and looks like it will require skill and patience. The individual missile canisters and hydraulic lift arm are provided as turned brass parts, which are
nicely done. The photo-etch fret is well done with good relief etching but with lots of small parts. If you can get through it, the open ABL assembly will be a very
detailed scale replica.

A full-color assembly guide provided, which in addition to the both Tomahawk sets, also covers Infini’s Harpoon missile launcher set. The section for the Tomahawk
set covers the step-by-step assembly of the launchers with clear photographs showing from different angles. Photo-etch parts are referenced by their corresponding
parts number on the brass frets.
This upgrade set from Infini Model is superb and will go a long way in upgrading a modern Iowa class battleship model or any 1:350 scale ship model that is fitted with
Tomahawk missiles in ABLs. That being said, due to the complexity of the open ABL assembly, this set is recommended for those modelers with experience working
with photo-etch and the desire to build a very detailed model. I would like to thank Infini Model for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo
New York