Tamiya Models has a long history of producing models and in the late 1970s they started their line of 1:350 scale kits with their venerable Bismarck. For quite some
time their catalog of 1:350 scale ship model kits was essentially all there was in this scale and it didn’t change much at all from the modern
USS Enterprise, a round
Fletcher class destroyer and a series of battleships. However, within the last 10 years or so we have seen several new releases in this scale which have focused
on Imperial Japanese Navy subjects. One of those is their late-war
Yukikaze kit. Out of the box it builds in a very good model but you are provided with a very small
photo-etch fret with only a few detail items and no railings. As nice as this kit is, it would benefit greatly with a better photo-etch set to provide common parts as well
as add some more detail. Infini Models of South Korea has done just that and more with their dedicated detail up set. The detail set is comprised of four brass frets
labeled A through D, turned brass gun barrels and other parts, brass propellers, Lycra rigging thread and a nameplate.
This set is a mix of additional and replacement parts for the kit. All of the photo-etch frets have parts numbers etched into them for easier identification and cross-
reference to the assembly guide. The brass has excellent relief-etching and appears to be fine but still sturdy enough to handle. What is striking about this set is how
well organized it is. Parts related to a specific assembly or detail are grouped together and the sections are clearly identified. This kind of breakdown required a lot of
thought and effort and it is appreciated as you won’t have to go fishing around looking for the parts you need for particular component.

Fret A contains parts to make the mounts for the single and triple Type 96 25mm, 25mm ammunition lockers, depth charge racks, loading tracks and endcaps, parts
to detail the 127mm twin gun turrets, parts to detail the Type 92 quad torpedo launchers and splinter shields for the deck edges.
Fret B contains parts to detail each funnel (including cap grills and platforms) , parts to detail the forward superstructure and bridge (including bridge windows and
railings), parts to detail the aft deck housing, fore and main mast details(including yardarm footropes, platforms and radars), parts for the torpedo cranes and rack
supports, boat details, cable reels and inclined ladders. Fret C has several lengths of pre-measured railings, inclined a pair with an upward curve for the foc’sle
deck, gun sponsons for the 25mm triple mounts, boat davits and linoleum tie down strips. Frets B and C all have portholes to add to the deck structures and hull.

Fret D, which is label as “optional”, has a mix of parts that are corrections, alternate or spare parts. Parts 421 and 422 are corrections for parts 258 and 260 on
Fret B. Parts 233 through 236 are spare parts for the same numbered parts on Fret C, which make up the radar fitted to the aft mast. The remaining parts are
alternates for the 25mm gun sponsons on Fret C, which appear to have some more detail. There are some lengths of railings also on Fret D, but I could only find
the one labeled 430 referenced in the assembly guide as an option for the sponson labeled 425. My guess is that the others are meant as options for the other
sponsons of Fret D.
There are a number of turned brass parts and they include the 12.7cm gun barrels, single 25mm gun barrels and pedestals, 25mm gun barrels for the triple mounts,
depth charges, two styles of cable reel drums, parts for the jack and ensign staffs, several yard arms, central gun sponson support pedestals, bases for the
equipment davits and the shield posts. The single 25mm guns are done in a clever manner as the barrel and pedestal are one piece which requires you to clip the
parts apart. The turned brass parts are very well done with great detail where needed. To be honest, my photos really don’t do them justice. A pair of solid brass
propellers, a nicely done nameplate and black Lycra rigging thread round out the parts.

The assembly guide is comprised of a 12-page booklet with full color photos showing the assembly and placement of all the parts provided with this detail set. A
separate one page insert covers most of the parts found on Fret D. The photos include images of the actual kit with the various photo-etch parts fitted in place,
which is very helpful. This is quite a complex and complete detail set and as well done as the instructions are I strongly suggest studying them carefully.
This is a very extensive and well-done detail set which will turn a very good kit into something outstanding. There is no area of the model not covered in some
manner with this detail set and because of that, I would recommend it for experience modelers and not for someone just starting to working with photo-etch. My
thanks to Infini Models for the review sample.
Felix Bustelo