Greetings from Down-Under! Here are photos of my latest build to share on Steelnavy. This was a fun kit bash of the Iron Shipwrights CGN38 Virginia kit in 1/350
scale. It was fun because of the time spent obtaining drawings from publications such as Jane’s FS, artists renderings, reading forums etc. to enable the model to
generally represent what the actual ship may have looked like had it been built. The CGN42 was a late 70’s proposed Aegis development of the existing CGN38
nuclear Cruiser but was never built, or even named. During the 1970’s there was a proposed Strike Cruiser, Aegis conversion of
Long Beach, & Modified Virginia. All
were cancelled in favour of the CG47
Ticonderoga class.
To build the model I used the following materials:-

Iron Shipwrights Virginia resin kit.
Veteran Models modern USN weapons.
Tom’s Modelworks 3bar modern USN Railings.
Quantities of Evergreen plastic sheets and round tubes.
Humbrol Enamals, varnish.

Stand from my kit stash and the propellers actually came from my Merit CV67
Kennedy (that kit provides an extra pair of props for some strange reason).
Am happy with this build, although because the actual ship was never built the model does lack detail.
John Sykes