The Hasegawa 1:350 scale kit of Admiral Togo’s flagship, the pre-dreadnought battleship Mikasa, builds into a beautiful model. There are several options
available in terms of photo-etch sets and turned brass barrels to detail this model but what about wooden decks?  Well MK1 Design by Ka-Models
answers that question with their wooden deck set for the Hasegawa kit. The MK1 Design decking is designed as a sandwich with a very thin wooden
deck at the top, adhesive in the middle and thin transparent backing sheet at the bottom. This backing is removed to expose the strong adhesive layer to
attach the deck over the corresponding plastic counterpart. There are cut-outs for all of the various deck fittings that are either molded on or to be
attached to the deck which can be removed rather easily; you can see in the photos that several came off while handling the decks. If the cut-out doesn't
pop off, you can use a Xacto knife to help cut the attachment points and then remove it.

A total of 9 decks are provided: the forecastle, quarterdeck, midship deck, forward and aft upper decks, forward and aft flying decks and the tops of the
bridge and aft housing. A small photo-etch fret is included with the grid steel plates used for the base of the anchor runs and another part that I honestly
am not sure where it goes. The only negative is that there is no guide or instructions provided, though with the exception of that one photo-etch part,
where each part is supposed to go is rather obvious. Some modelers prefer to paint the decks but others want a more natural look and avoid painting
altogether. This set from MK1 Design will certainly make those in the latter camp very happy. My thanks to Ka-Models for the sample.
Felix Bustelo