From time to time I am honored to prepare a volume in the ShipCraft series for Seaforth Publishing. The
first decision point is the topic. My latest volume, which will be published later this year is on
Gneisenau. Of course I knew of most of the kits, the new superb Dragon 1:350 scale kit and the older
Tamiya 1:700 staples but to check about other products of which I might not be aware, I gave a quick call to
that Mecca of Modelling,
Freetime Hobbies to get the latest lowdown from Brandon and Russ Lowe.
Brandon mentioned that although there were no new 1:700 scale models on the horizon had I seen a detail set
by KA Models. I mentioned that I had not but now courtesy of
Freetime, I have.
KA Models produces an outstanding super-detail set for the Tamiya Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. It
includes wooden decking and a supplementary set of photo-etch brass. The wooden decks have butt end
detail with pop outs for fittings to pass through. The major brass part is the shelter deck with antiskid metal
pattern, as well as anchor chain to lay atop the wooden deck. The brass ships crests already come
enameled with the correct colors.
The KA Models detail set designed for the Tamiya 1:700 scale Scharnhorst and Gneisenau is an excellent
departure point for super detailing either kit. Of course it is designed for replacing wooden and metal decking
but ohhh---those enameled crests are wonderful!