Kraken Hobbies has produced an interesting accessory with the USS Alabama BB-60 040mm Gun Tubs and Mk 51 Director boxes for the crowns of the 2nd and 3rd main gun turrets for the Trumpeter USS Alabama kit. The tubs themselves have
marvellous detail with internal 40mm clip holding brackets and external locker with hinge detail, as well as the unique footings. However, the uniqueness of this set is further accentuated by the square Mk 51 gun director boxes. These are normally
round tubs but with the late war
Alabama they were square with X side bands. In the photograph above, you can see the square boxes and gun tub footings on B turret.
The USS Alabama BB-60 turret crown 40mm gun tubs and Mk 51 director boxes by Kraken Hobbies in 1:350 scale for the Trumpeter kit is an inexpensive set that provides glorious detail. This simple addition to your Alabama will greatly enhance
the kit.

Steve Backer
Huntsville, Alabama